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August 3, 2018 Newsletter by Jeff Pittman

MS AG Opinion

Mississippi’s Attorney General says gun ban signs in some courthouses are illegal. Well, duh.

We note that Harrison County Sheriff Troy Peterson, while saying that he has “no intentions of violating any laws of our State,” has issued his own “opinion” and he and the county are in fact violating state law.

Mass Shooting Stat Reports

Mas Ayoob reports from the International Law Enforcement Educators and Trainers Association’s (ILEETA) Panel of Experts on Firearms and Deadly Force Training that no one there is aware of any case in which a mass shooting occurred at a school which had let it be known that certain faculty members were armed and trained.

But numerous officers reported that they had been told by teachers, “I’d rather take a bullet and die for my students than kill someone.”

One wonders what these “educators” think is going to happen right after they take their bullet, and how they ever got to be in positions of influencing our children’s critical thinking and value judgement.

About those statistics….

A new study by Anthony Braga of Northeastern University and Philip J. Cook of Duke University and published in the journal JAMA Network Open analyzed data on 221 firearm-involved homicides and 1,012 nonfatal shootings that happened in Boston between 2010 and 2014. Results indicated that “Most gunshot victims and survivors were young minority men with prior court arraignments,” “Most attacks occurred in circumstances where gangs or drugs played an important role,” and “Most occurred outdoors in disadvantaged neighborhoods.” Oh, and they also found that big bullets kill more often than small bullets.

Seems to me that gun control isn’t the answer.

3-D Dept. of Idiocy

US District Judge Robert Lasnik (a Clinton appointee) from the Western District of Washington has ignored the Constitution and issued a temporary order blocking the internet publication of a series of 3D printed firearms plans by DEFCAD.com. The plans had been due to go online on August 1, after a favorable Justice Department decision in June to settle a lawsuit which it was apparently going to lose. However, free speech and gun rights activists have made similar files and instructions available at other websites.

US Rep. Bennie Thompson (D-MS-gerrymandered) weighs in on the 3-D printed guns issue. Too bad he left the facts behind. Of course he ain’t the only one.

It remains legal for unlicensed non-prohibited people to make their own firearms at home. Certain types of guns, including those with short barrels, require a tax payment and approval from the ATF. A license is required to make guns for sale or distribution. (We also note that the Second Amendment contains no exception to its protection for “undetectible firearms,” even if they actually existed, which they do not.)

political cartoon
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Google Play has a developer policy in place to restrict what can and cannot be downloaded from the Play Store. The policy now prohibits apps that facilitate the sale of explosives, firearms, ammunition, or certain firearms accessories, and apps that provide instructions for the manufacture of explosives, firearms, ammunition, “restricted” (but legal) firearm accessories, or other weapons.

American Eagle Outfitters has jumped on the gun control bandwagon and is supporting the March for Our Lives gun ban group.

The Only Ones

Police were called to the Aurora, CO, home of a senior citizen and decorated veteran where a doped-up naked intruder was choking and trying to drown the homeowner’s 11-year grandson in the home. Responding officers fatally shot the homeowner/victim, who had already killed the attacker.

Los Angeles Police fired 18 rounds at a man holding a woman at knifepoint and in the act of cutting her neck. They killed the criminal and the victim. Last week, LAPD killed a bystander at a shootout at a Trader Joe’s store (a gun free zone.)


You’ve heard about the 1986 FBI Miami Shootout and how it forever changed defensive handgun ammunition. Here’s the book, written by a survivor.


“Remember, a scope is a sight. Stop calling it a d*^#ed optic.”

— Jack Lott

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