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July 6, 2018 Newsletter by Jeff Pittman


We have a report that US Senate Republicans are “vigorously pushing” for anti-gun leftist Mark Bennett, who has been nominated to the far left Ninth Circuit bench. Bennett opposed the Heller Court’s finding that the Second Amendment is an individual right and is reportedly a “leftist across the board.” The Senate will be voting on the Bennett nomination this Monday, July 9. You can oppose him here.

President Trump is also scheduled to name his SCOTUS pick to replace Justice Kennedy on Monday.


US Sen. Cindy Hyde-Smith (R-MS) weighs in for hunters. Some say she’s trying to dye her Democrat roots (she switched parties in 2010). Or maybe she’s actually more Republican than many in the party. So far, she’s voted with Pres. Trump’s position 100% of the time. Whatever works.

About Those Background Checks

According to legal documents relative to his estate fight, a federal criminal court and national criminal record search showed “NO RECORD FOUND” for “Charles Milles Manson” with a birthday of “11/11/1934.”

But Manson masterminded one of the most heinous murder sprees in American history and was convicted of first-degree murder and sentenced to 9 consecutive life sentences.

But apparently he still could have passed a NICS check and bought a gun, if he had not died in prison.


The Capital Gazette newspaper whose office got shot up in last week’s massacre, is now calling for more gun control for the ones who didn’t do it — you and me. An editorial claimed that the massacre happened “all because we lack reasonable gun control laws in this country.” I infer from that statement that the leftist paper thinks the 20,000+ gun control laws we have in this country are all unreasonable. Finally something on which we both agree.

In an interview last week, former FBI Director James Comey stated he refused to carry a gun when he was with the bureau. Our report indicates that he likely never carried a gun at any time during his professional law enforcement career — if you can call that “professional.” (Comey also worked with the Brady Bunch, claims the NRA is lying to us, and he proposes gun bans for the law-abiding that have already been ruled unconstitutional by the Supreme Court.) That pretty much says it all.

Gun-ban group Americans Against Gun Violence railed against American freedoms this week, saying “In every other high income democratic country of the world, the burden of proof is on the person seeking to acquire a gun to show why he or she needs one, and that he or she is of good character and able to handle a gun safely; not on society to prove why he or she should not have one. …most other developed countries do not accept ‘self-defense’ as a reason for having a gun… It is the position* of Americans Against Gun Violence that the United States should adopt stringent gun control laws comparable to the laws that have long been in effect in every other high income democratic country of the world.”

*It is the position of this writer that groups like AAGV should be declared domestic enemies and treated as such.

Virginia Beach Police Chief Jim Cervera wants to mete out your rights like King George.

The Only Ones

We noticed that the Hamilton County, Indiana prosecutor filed charges of criminal recklessness committed with a deadly weapon against Francis T. Wright, 62, of Camby, IN, after Wright lost his gun when he stood up from a couch at an IKEA store and a short time later a child found the gun in the cushions and fired one round, with no injuries. The reason we noticed this is that we hardly ever see a law enforcement officer charged with a crime when they leave their guns behind for others to find.

Police in Alvarado, Mexico have been stripped of their firearms and issued slingshots and stones after only 30 of the department’s 130 officers passed competency tests.


OK, this is the only time I’ve ever wanted to ride in the back of a police car.


A 12-year-old Georgia boy was shot in the head this week by another 12-year-old with a BB gun. We understand the BB passed all the way through his brain, and he is in critical condition fighting for his life.

BB guns are not toys. Rules and supervision requirements are the same as for a firearm.

How to Avoid Card Skimmers

Too Good To Ignore

The Daily Mail reports that Brigadier General Gholam Reza Jalali, head of Iran’s Civil Defense Organization, said that the changing climate in Iran is “suspect,” and that an Iranian scientific study confirms that Israel is stealing Iran’s clouds in order to manipulate weather and cause drought in the Islamic Republic.

Well Israel is God’s chosen people…


Mississippi’s outdoor ambassador and my friend Paul Ott Carruth has died of cancer at age 83.

H&K in Trouble

Heckler & Koch’s credit rating has sunk to dangerous levels, putting the future of the company in jeopardy.


Do you have a standard Ruger 10/22 rifle, but really would prefer a takedown? Here ya go!

You’ve heard of “80%” AR rifles and perhaps some pistols, but how about an 80% shotgun.

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