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4th Event, Borsch Warning, MS Case, DGUs

June 22, 2018 Newsletter by Jeff Pittman


Due to personal business, the 2A newsletter may skip a week.

July 4th Event in MS

Precision Shooting Center in Forest, MS, is offering an “AR-15 Affirmation Day” shoot. By shooting on Wednesday, the 4th of July, we are publicly affirming:

  1. Our 2nd Amendment right to own firearms, including AR-15s;
  2. We will defend our schools and churches;
  3. We will protect our U.S. Constitution from all enemies, foreign and domestic.

There will be no ceremony or public speaking, because our handguns, rifles and shotguns speak quite eloquently.

The Schedule:

From 9am until Noon the following ranges will be open —

  1. 50 yard Handgun with paper and non-metal targets,
  2. 50 yard Tactical Handgun Course with runner, pop-up, and metal targets,
  3. 100 yard .22 Rimfire Rifle with paper and 50 metal targets,
  4. 150 yard Centerfire Rifle with paper and non-metal targets,
  5. 150 yard Centerfire Rifle Course with runner, pop-up, and metal targets,
  6. 320 yard Centerfire Rifle with 10 metal targets,
  7. Shotgun Range with electric clay throwers. Bring your own clays or buy theirs at $10 for 90.

From Noon until 1pm all ranges will be closed.

From 1pm until 4pm, four ranges will be open for AR-15s only.

4pm: All ranges will be closed.

Special Guidelines:

  1. Precision Shooting Center is for patriotic, gentle children, women, and men.
  2. Fishing is encouraged in the stocked (small) lake.
  3. Cooking-out is welcomed.
  4. Firearms safety will be strictly enforced.
  5. Smoking, drugs, alcohol, or rowdy, profane behavior will not be tolerated.
  6. Garbage cans are available on all ranges.
  7. Law enforcement personnel will be present.

Media coverage is expected and all will conduct themselves properly.

PrecisionShootingCenter.com or  601-507-0777.

Massacre warning

Ron Borsch issues his strongest massacre warning to date. Read up.

“Educational facilities (pre-school, K-12, colleges, and libraries) are historically the active killers’ preferred targets. Mass murderers don’t want a gunfight. They prefer targets containing only unarmed victims who can’t effectively fight back. Schools serve as the epitome of such a defenseless target.”


More reports on the MS courthouse carry case.

The Illinois Appellate Court ruled this week in People v. Green that : “[the statutes] prohibiting possession of a firearm within 1000 feet of a school are facially unconstitutional….” Also, the Illinois Supreme Court decided in People v. Chairez back in February that a law banning carrying of firearms within 1000 feet of a public park was unconstitutional.

The North Carolina Court of Appeals has ruled that a “district court does not have the authority under Chapter 50C sua sponte to order defendant to surrender his concealed carry permit, or to order him not to purchase or possess any firearms during the period of the no-contact order…”

US District Judge Richard Gergel has dismissed 16 lawsuits filed by survivors of the 2015 mass shooting at a South Carolina church who sued the government over the failure of an FBI-run background check system to prevent the purchase of the murder weapon. Although Gergel apparently sympathized with the plaintiffs and criticized what he called “abysmally poor” FBI policies, he said that the government had immunity from being sued for its policies, “even really bad policy choices.”


Los Angeles County sheriff’s detectives seized 553 firearms from a convicted felon this week. The suspect was charged with “Felon in Possession of Firearms (129800(a)(1) PC), Possession of an Assault Rifle (32625(a) PC, Felon in Possession of Ammunition (30305(a) PC) and Possession of Large Capacity Magazines (32310(a) PC),” and released on bail the next day. California has some of the strictest gun control laws in the nation. How’s that working out for you? Need more gun ban laws?


You heard about the mass shooting of nearly 20 people at an all night art festival in Trenton, NJ, last weekend. The shooting was reportedly gang-related and started right by a demanding mommies gun control exhibit.

But NJ already has some of the strictest gun control laws in the nation. Now they’re calling for more. We also know that the late killer — a gang member — had just been released from prison on homicide-related charges. So it seems that the attitude of NJ Gov. Phil Murphy and other is, “we’ll just let the killers go free and disarm their victims.” Literally.

“New Jersey has some of the strongest gun safety (sic) legislation in the country. That should make it very clear that this is a problem we can only solve at the national level, with Congress leading the way…. There has to be federal action.” – US Rep. Bonnie Watson Coleman (D-NJ)

We suspect the events may have transpired differently had the attack started in front of an NRA booth instead of a demanding mommies booth.


Riverside Cafe, in Wichita, KS, posted this (but don’t hang around on anti-gun Fakebook).


More CNN lies, and fallout.


I was going through some old 2A Newsletters, and noticed that I had reported the anti-gun activities of Intuit and Googe Adwords back in March of 2017, so you probably heard it here first. Also, Heather Mclellan, a spokesperson for Intuit, told Guns.com last week that Intuit’s policy on firearms is “not new, nor has it changed.”

More Fakebook gun bans

While speaking to a group of activists in San Francisco, Hillary Clinton stressed that gun control is a “political necessity” and part of “taking back” the country. If memory serves, that’s pretty much what King George III said back in 1775. He, too, lost the war and finished going insane.

The gun ban group known as Newtown Action tweeted the following message to Ohio Governor John Kasich:

“@JohnKasich Arming your teachers in schools will not stop mass shootings in malls, movie theaters, concert venues, churches, etc.”

Yeah, I know. It makes my head hurt too.

According to KETV – Omaha, NE, Scott Frost, the new football coach at University of Nebraska – Lincoln, told campers at a recent event that he and the coaching staff would be poring over recruits’ social media use. He explained part of their concerns, thus, “I’ll tell you this right now, if there’s anything about — negative about women, if there’s anything about racial things or sexuality, if there’s anything about guns, anything like that, we’re just not going to recruit you, period.”

The Musket


Speaking of enemies, according to new (non-peer-reviewed) research out of Southern Methodist University, the place home to the most psychopaths in the US is Washington, DC. By far. Gee, who’da thunk it? Let’s un-elect them.

The Only Ones

An unidentified US Marine who was standing guard at the home of the Marine Corps commandant in Washington, D.C., was hospitalized in critical condition last week after suffering a self-inflicted gunshot wound, believed to be from a negligent discharge according to our report.

David Hogg, the Florida gun ban activist child and darling of the leftist media, was spotted in New York with armed bodyguards. Go figure.



In Tallassee, AL (roughly 30 miles east of Montgomery) this week, a man crashed into a vehicle outside a Walmart store, and fatally shot two women, including his wife, before taking his own life. Police, who arrived 5 minutes later, said the women had just hours earlier been granted a protective order against the suspect. Maybe they should have showed it to him.

Protective orders don’t stop bullets. Police who arrive 5 minutes after the killings don’t stop killings. Shooting first or back often does.


An armed attacker shot two people, tried to carjack six people, and fired shots inside a Walmart store last Sunday in Tumwater, WA, before being fatally shot by a bystander outside. At least two armed bystanders moved to confront the suspect, and at least one of them fired. The man credited with the save is a pastor, volunteer firefighter, and EMT, and was called a hero by a victim and witnesses, and a “good Samaritan” by police. I kinda wonder about a pastor being at a Walmart on a Sunday. God works in mysterious ways.

“And it came to pass from that time forth, that the half of my servants wrought in the work, and the other half of them held both the spears, the shields, and the bows, and the habergeons…” — Nehemiah 4:16

Meanwhile at a Kroger store in Dekalb County, Georgia, last Friday, three armed men accused of trying to rob a couple as they walked to their car were shot by one of their intended victims in the store’s parking lot. In the ensuing gunfight, four people fired shots and all three suspects were shot and wounded. No victims were injured.

Pennsylvania man shoots intruder who doused home with gasoline. You betcha.

An Ohio police officer shot an attacking suspect in the stomach, causing him to fall down. But he immediately got back up and charged toward two cops, and a fight ensued, resulting in an orbital eye fracture for one officer and a broken hand for the other before they were able to subdue the man.


  1. Pistol bullets are like medicine; sometimes they take time to work
  2. If you shoot him and he gets back up to fight, shoot again. Repeat as needed.
  3. Stomach shots aren’t the most effective
  4. They give you a baton/billy club for a reason

Ayoob Speaks for the Defense (In and out of court) 43 mins.

Suicides At Gun Ranges

“…the most ‘concrete, realistic and actionable’ way to prevent suicides at gun ranges is to require patrons who rent guns to come with someone else.”

Army Guns

The US Army recently announced that PepperBall has been awarded a $650,000 contract for its Variable Kinetic System (VKS) non-lethal launcher to support soldiers with non-lethal force protection measures when out in the field in Afghanistan. The VKS has a dual feed system that can feed PepperBalls from either a box magazine or a paintball gun style hopper, and has the same look, feel and fire control system as an AR-15/M-4 Carbine and closely resembles those rifles, presumably with the attendant possibility for confusion with a real rifle.

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