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Florida, Maryland, Enemies, MS Legislation

March 23, 2018 Newsletter by Jeff Pittman

Florida Follow-Up

We have gun control and other preemptive laws which presumably might have worked to prevent the Florida school massacre last month, if only the authorities had done their jobs.

Coulter nails it — and prints names.

First Amendment Protection of Second Amendment Issues

A commenter notes that the school “walkouts” supporting gun control that took place at many public schools across the country last week likely violated the Constitution because the government — in this case, public schools — made a special accommodation for a political viewpoint that it would not make for the opposing view, or for any other view.

Children; Why They Need Adults

But, study up on teenage brains and you will see that they kinda have an excuse, but the facts also support the convention that adult guidance is necessary.

Thousands of Gun Control Studies — Same Result

Advice from a Russian: Never Give Up Your Guns

Safety — Pick One:

1.  “No guns allowed” signs. Call on the phone for help when people are dying.

2.  CCW-armed faculty, staff or other responsible adults present.

Dept. of Idiocy

Four schools locked down due to one student carrying a white wooden “rifle” used in his school color guard duties.

Openly Armed Men Asked to Leave MS Walmart

“[Columbus, MS Police Chief] Shelton advised anyone who sees a person carrying a weapon to call police and let officers determine if there is a threat.”

Well, no. If I called the police every time I saw an armed person, I’d never get off the phone, and I’d have to keep calling back every time the police showed up.

Correct advice? Anyone who sees a person carrying a weapon AND acting suspiciously, threateningly, or illegally, should call police.

Social Engineering

Read this, then think about how it might be utilized by a person bent on mayhem.

Related: The Incredible Shrinking World of Social Media

Enemies / Only Ones

Last week we reported that California teacher/reserve police officer/councilman Dennis Alexander shot the ceiling during his “gun safety” course at a local high school, injuring three students.

We now hear that Alexander is an “outspoken anti-gun Democrat.”

Go figure.

We also reported last week that Lacey Township High School (NJ) suspended two students for posting pictures on social media of a private, non-school-related, supervised trip to the local WMA range. After being contacted by the Association of New Jersey Rifle & Pistol Clubs, who had to threaten to sue the Lacey Township School District, the illegal anti-gun policy has reportedly been amended to drop the illicit off-campus prohibitions, but all the while District Superintendent Craig Wigley claimed that the policy had not been invoked and the students had not been disciplined. But they apparently were suspended, triggering the lawsuit threat.

We have multiple reports of gun ban proponents in different locations exploiting “special needs” students to push their agenda. Perhaps there’s no lower limit for these folks.

Meanwhile, Facebook is asking those who visit the Maryland school killer’s Facebook page to “celebrate” and “remember” his life and has “memorialized” his page. I thought Facebook was anti-gun and here they are promoting someone who attempted multiple murders with a gun (The Facebook business model is: create a site that pretends to be a social media site, but instead tricks people into dumping all there personal information on it, which Facebook searches through and sells the data to god-knows-who then blasts you with targeted marketing ads. — gunfreezone.net)

YouTube, a Google company, continues to march to the leftist drums by banning much legal and safe gun related content (while ignoring videos promoting illegal drugs or celebrating illegal, dangerous or abusive behavior).

Reddit, apparently some sort of user-based online headline technology, has banned the use of its product to facilitate transactions of guns or ammunition.

Citigroup says it will no longer do business with any company that legally sells guns or some other related items if the company doesn’t sell in accordance with Citi’s new policy, to wit: no sales to those under 21, no sales without passing a background check, no sales of “high capacity” magazines, and no sales of bump stocks. I closed my Citi credit card account yesterday. So now Citigroup has 17% of the credit card market, minus one.

Garth Brooks, perhaps the worst American country music superstar in history, has jumped on the gun control bandwagon. Too bad I wasn’t buying any of his stuff anyway.

Broward County (FL) Sheriff’s Deputy Moises Carottihas been suspended with pay after he was found sleeping in his car Monday while on duty at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School, where 17 people were killed in a mass shooting last month. A student found and reported Rip Van Winkle. That was the same day a couple of students at the school were arrested (presumably by another officer) for possession of weapons on campus.


GetZone.com, a leading digital platform for hunters and shooting sports enthusiasts, welcomes YouTube Gun Related Channels that promote legal firearms, demonstration of their use and lawful sales.


CCW holder saves police officer from attack.

The school shooting at Great Mills High School in Maryland this week was stopped quickly when a good guy with a gun, who was already on campus, shot at the attacker, a student who was a prohibited person in a “gun free” zone and who had apparently stolen his father’s pistol. Maryland has lots of gun control, including a 21-year age requirement, fingerprint requirement, fees, training and licensing requirement, and seven-day waiting period, just to buy a gun. Didn’t work. Meanwhile, the protests and posters didn’t work either. Maybe banning bump stocks will work. The local sheriff credited the armed defender with preventing the loss of innocent life in the attack. End of lesson.


MS House Bill 1083 was introduced with language to provide a remedy for those gun-toters wronged by illicit “no guns” signs or policies enacted by state agencies, and was hijacked in the Senate Judiciary A Committee to add armed “school safety programs” and restrict enhanced CCW at school sporting events. The amended bill was returned to the House for concurrence with the Senate amendments or conference, where the House let it die on the calendar this week. House Judiciary B Committee Chairman Andy Gipson says he let the bill die due to the Senate change which would have allowed schools and colleges to ban people with enhanced carry licenses from carrying guns into school stadiums and arenas.

Local lamestream news reports that Vicksburg, MS, Mayor George Flaggs (I) is proposing a mandatory 30 days in jail and a $500 fine for firing weapons unlawfully in the city, with exceptions for police and for anyone who discharges a weapon in the act of self-defense.

We are unclear as to why there should be an exception for police to unlawfully fire a weapon in the city. Perhaps the lamestream media is just lame, but inane police carve-outs in gun laws are pretty ubiquitous.

Central MS FNRA

The 24th Annual Central MS Friends of NRA Banquet will be held as usual September 20, 2018 at the Mississippi Trademart at the state fairgrounds in Jackson.

Contact Dick Withers at 601-373-5000 or [email protected] for info.

USMC Pistols

The US Marine Corps is set to replace its M9, M9A1, M45A1 and M007 pistols with the Sig Sauer Modular Handgun System (MHS) that the Army adopted as the XM17 and XM18. According to Military.com, the Marine Corps, Navy, Air Force and Coast Guard have all placed orders for the Army’s MHS under the $580 million Army contract, which allows the other branches to purchase through that same contract.


Redneck level: genius

Lancer’s .308 magazines have an adjustable valve at the bottom. Open, it will quickly drain water from the magazine body and keep water from accumulating. Closed, it will seal it up.

GrabAGun.com has some Springfield XD .45 pistols for only $369.


Quotes of the Week

“We don’t judge whether the police are doing a good job by the numbers of criminals they kill each year, but rather by how well they stop crime. The same should be true in judging the effectiveness of civilian DGUs.” — Paul Hsieh in Any Study Of “Gun Violence” Should Include How Guns Save Lives

“I am the first responder for my children.” — Robyn Sandoval, Executive Director, A Girl and a Gun Women’s Shooting League

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