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Florida / Cause / March, Enemies, Only Ones

March 30, 2018 Newsletter by Jeff Pittman


Due to my schedule, there may not be a newsletter next week.

The Cause

Walter Williams nails it.

We have a report that the Parkland, FL, school mass murderer is getting stacks of fan mail and love letters sent to the Broward County jail, along with hundreds of dollars in contributions to his commissary account. Teenage girls, women and even older men are writing to the killer and sending photographs — some suggestive — tucked inside cute greeting cards and attached to notebook paper with offers of friendship and encouragement. Groupies also are joining Facebook communities to talk about how to help the killer.

And the left still thinks the problem is guns?

How The Leftist Progressives View Guns


The March

We note that all those puppets marching around demanding to get rid of guns were protected by men with guns during their demands to get rid of guns. Brilliant.

Here’s your sign. Literally. (click image to enlarge)

University of Maryland sociologist Dana Fisher conducted a study of the demographics of Saturday’s march in Washington, D.C., and discovered that less than 10% percent of those in the crowd were under the age of 18. The study was done by going through the crowds with tablets and conducting surveys of participants and then extrapolating trends from the data collected, according to Fisher.

An entertainer who performed at the Washington, D.C. march is a gun felon. I guess if he can’t have a gun he doesn’t want anyone else to have one either. Go figure. I don’t care what he wants.

We also have a report that famous and wealthy “adult” leftists typified by the Hollywood nutjobs who pretend to be someone else for a living while being protected by a phalanx of private and public security, contributed more than $3.5 million to produce and stage the roughly 800 separate events in Washington and elsewhere around the world.

Guns At Schools: Not A Problem

It’s A Fact.


Pope Francis, a gun control proponent, expressed support for the gun ban marches last week. It’s worth noting that His Eminence is protected by his own private army, the Swiss Guard. So it’s “Do as I say, not as I do,” and I can’t find what he says in the Bible.

Guess what? Anti-gun Citigroup, also protected by armed guards, is violating at least one state law by politically restricting its services in the firearms business area. (I applied for a competing Visa card this week to replace my Citi card I terminated last week. It took about 3 minutes online and the card is on the way. Simple.)

(Click images above to enlarge)

Meanwhile, the rest of us don’t have our own armed guards. We are on our own.

Anti-Gun March for Our Lives participant and ex-convict Rev. Kenneth Glasgow, 52, the half-brother of Rev. Al Sharpton, also an anti-gun activist, has been charged with capital murder in a Sunday shooting death in Dothan, AL, just one day after his anti-gun march. Sharpton made news this week by speaking at the funeral of an unarmed black man fatally shot in his own back yard by California police. No word on whether Sharpton will speak at Glasgow’s murder victim’s funeral.

The Stroudsburg Area School Board (PA) voted 6-2 against accepting a $4,730 grant from the NRA (probably the NRA Foundation, a different organization) to the school’s rifle team to replace its 70s-era equipment. However, several community members and local business owners came together and collected over $6,000 for the team. Gee, I hope none of the donors are NRA members, or a school board member might wet himself. Nevermind, those guys probably wet themselves daily.


MSNBC anchor Ali Velshi lied about NRA membership.

On Wednesday morning, CNN anchor Chris Cuomo falsely claimed on his official Twitter page that “no one” is calling for repealing the Second Amendment. Yet there are many, many calls to repeal the amendment from people who don’t know anything and from folks who should know better. Anyone who says no one is calling for gun control or for gun confiscation is lying, and anyone who believes that lie is not paying attention.

CNN’s Brian Stelter admitted he let child activist David Hogg get away with lies about guns and the NRA. There’s nothing new under the sun.

Due to the internet not being big enough, there is insufficient space to list all of the lies told by the new wave of children/student anti-gun activists. So this is just a note that they are full of it.


Another YouTube alternative.

Victoria, Crown Princess of Sweden, with her EBR.

MS Gov. Phil Bryant (R) appointed now-former State Rep. Andy Gipson (R), an attorney, Baptist minister, and farmer/rancher, as Mississippi’s Commissioner of Agriculture and Commerce. Gipson replaces Cindy Hyde-Smith (R), who was tapped to fill US Sen. Thad Cochran’s (R) unexpired term. Gipson has been our primary pro-gun voice in the MS legislature for years and will be sorely missed there.

Dept. of Idiocy

A 13-year-old 7th grade student was suspended for two days from Roseboro-Salemburg (NC) Middle School because he doodled stick figures holding guns and knives, but not threatening anyone.

And The Award For Best Headline Of The Week Goes To:

Your Right to Keep And Bear Arms Does Not Depend on the Democratic Process or Arguments About Social Utility

Conservative Ammo

From a Source in Europe:

“People are really scared here! Europeans are acquiring guns any way they can, although European governments want us all to be helpless, defenseless victims.

I pray that I can leave behind me a peaceful place for my children. But, I am not fooling myself.

We are being sold down the river, by our own governments!”

The Only Ones

The Broward Cowards. Well, they DID ask for it…

Gardena, CA, police officers Carlos Miguel Fernandez, 42, and Edward Yasushiro Arao, 47, have been indicted by a federal grand jury on 5 criminal counts for allegedly running a scheme in which they purchased about 100 “off-roster” firearms not available to the general public and illegally resold them in violation of federal firearms sales and licensing laws.

The City of Compton, CA, reports that 31 pistols are missing from its vault in the unoccupied old City Hall building where they were stored. The city manager says he has no idea how many folks have the combination to the vault.

Government Guns — This should scare you

“I ask, sir, what is the militia? It is the whole people, except for few public officials.” (George Mason, 3 Elliot, Debates at 425-426)

Mass Attacks In Public Spaces — 2017 (US Secret Service)


Remington officially filed Chapter 11 bankruptcy this week, which allows Remington to stay in business and make guns while restructuring its massive $0.95 billion debt. Cerberus, Remington’s owner, will lose all its ownership rights in the bankruptcy. The equity in the company will now go to the creditors.


Lyman Products has voluntarily announced a product safety warning and recall notice on their black powder rifles and pistols due to the potential of separation in the breech plug. The recall includes black powder rifles and pistols regardless of caliber including the following brands manufactured between March 1, 2017 to Dec. 22, 2017.  Barrels with the serial number in the range of A595960 – A599025 are subject to this recall:

  • Deerstalker
  • Great Plains
  • Great Plains Hunter
  • Trade Rifle
  • Plains Pistol
  • Black Powder Kits and replacement barrels

This recall excludes Percussion Left-Hand Great Plains and Left-Hand Great Plains Hunter models.

Upon receipt of the serial number, and either the part number or model, Lyman will provide further instructions and packaging to ship the product to Lyman for replacement at NO COST to the customer. Lyman will provide a replacement barrel and tang with instructions or will replace the barrel and tang at Lyman and return the firearm.



Ammo gel tests

You’re familiar with the Aguila Minishells, which are 1.75″ long 12 ga. shotshells. But Ventura also has some Russian-imported 12 ga. “Short Shells,” which are 1.85″ long and come loaded with 0.85 oz of #9 birdshot or 6 pellets of #0 buckshot. About $1 per round.

New Lyman products

Can Can Concealment. For women.

Ceska Zbrojovka (CZ) has a new Model 527 Varmint MTR (Match Target Rifle).

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