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December 28, 2017 Newsletter by Jeff Pittman


Lt. Col. Lones Wigger, the most decorated shooter in the world, passed away recently at age 80 from complications of pancreatic cancer.  Gun Week magazine called him “by far the greatest shooter in history.”

Shoot like a girl

MS state employee anti-active killer course

We have a report that Mississippi Gov. Phil Bryant is ordering state employees to complete an online 20-minute presentation about workplace attacks by June 1. The course is made available by the State Personnel Board, which developed the presentation with help from the state Office of Homeland Security, the Mississippi Gaming Commission and unidentified police agencies.

Here it is, accessible to anyone.

FWIW, I’ve previously been through a live course presented by the State Capitol Police, and that one could get you killed. We also note that the Gaming Commission has its own problems with its agents fatally shooting each other during training, so I’m leery of their training. I have also already taken the above online course, and it is better but not great and includes the usual nonsense and more than a few self-contradictions, and it too could get you killed.

Both courses did contain good information, but one has to know how to sift through it. We note that invariably the advice given by the “Only Ones” is DIFFERENT than what they would themselves do to save their own lives. So, take their “advice” with a grain of salt. You are responsible for protecting you. They aren’t.

Human Predators

About H.R. 38 – the National Carry Reciprocity Act

I Actually Read HR 38 : National Carry Reciprocity & Guess What I Found?

Texas AG Opinion on guns in churches

Bump stocks

The ATF is publishing an advance notice of proposed rulemaking on the mental/logical contortions necessary to reinterpret how a machine gun is defined and how bump fire stocks and similar devices are the same thing. But since the definition of “machinegun” is codified in federal statute (26 U.S.C. 5845(b)), one wonders how an agency can change that without congressional action. But that never stopped them before.


Off-duty Kansas City Police Captain Michael Howell was shopping at a Lenexa, KS, Costco when another man entered the building and announced, “I’m an off-duty U.S. Marshal, I’m here to kill people.” Capt. Howell surreptitiously tracked the man as he followed the crowd of customers fleeing to the back of the store, where he confronted the attacker and shot him dead when he refused to drop his gun and pointed it at Howell.

What was not reported is that Costco is a “gun free” zone.

Israeli school teacher

Three masked men recently attempted to break into the home of NASCAR team owner/Hall of Fame member and NRA First Vice President Richard Childress. Investigators said Childress armed himself and fired shots at the three robbery suspects, but apparently none were hit before getting away.

Armed 9-year-old stops attempted carjacking/kidnapping

The hazard of not properly identifying your target


Be careful what you write on your guns or tattoos.


California Lt. Gov Gavin Newsom posted on Facebook that “We have a message for the NRA – National Rifle Association of America: If you hurt people, we ARE coming for your guns.”

First, the NRA isn’t hurting anyone, and Newsom is the one disarming victims. Second, if Newsom thinks he can come get our guns, well, knock yourself out. Want my address? Molṑn labé.

Taste of Country, an online entertainment magazine, has jumped on the gun control bandwagon, supporting the few “country” artists who have come out in favor of gun control (while keeping their own guns and armed security).

The UK is working on additional restrictions on air guns, which already require an expensive, intrusive license.

Also from England, we have news of a 72-year-old man who shot dead an armed burglar he caught breaking into his caravan in the middle of the night was jailed for 10 months, not for the shooting, but for illegally owning the shotgun without a license. Self defense won’t get you a license there.

Retired Air Force Colonel Dean L. Winslow was the aspiring Assistant Secretary of Defense for Health Affairs and an avowed gun control advocate, who claims the Senate Armed Services Committee flushed his military/political career after he testified in front of the committee at his confirmation hearing “how insane it is that in the United States of America a civilian can go out and buy a semiautomatic weapon like an AR-15.” Such a position, let alone a sworn statement, is in violation of his oath to protect and defend the US Constitution. THAT’S what ended your career, Colonel. Good riddance.

Stroke of Genius

A caller to Tom Gresham’s Gun Talk Radio program suggests that you sign up for an anti-gun activist groups email alerts which include links to send messages to your lawmakers about issues in which the enemy is interested. So, if the group “Gun Ban Inc.” emails you with a “contact your lawmakers” link to support gun control, use the link and CHANGE THE MESSAGE to one with a PRO-GUN message and use their system to send it. Brilliant.

Dept. of Idiocy

During a recent gun buy-up in San Francisco, someone reportedly anonymously turned in an AT-4 bazooka. Cash handed over, no questions asked. It appears this may have been just the disposable inert tube of a one-shot weapon, the possession of which was sensationalized by the leftist media to gin up support for these inane buy-ups with your money.

Another buy-up, this one in Columbia, MO, was organized by a Cory Crosby, reported to himself be an armed offender who served 8 years for armed robbery. Is that who you want to give your gun to? And wouldn’t that make the folks turning in guns criminals as well for transferring a firearm to a prohibited person?

An 8th grader at MSA West in Plaquemine, LA, is being charged with terrorism and faces expulsion after he took a photo of himself with his father’s guns and sent the photo to a few friends on Snapchat. Apparently, after he sent the original photos out, someone added the words, “Don’t go to school tomorrow” to one of the pictures and sent it out to more people. Investigators emphasized the boy did not add the threatening words to his photo. Parish Sheriff Brett Stassi said “We are meeting with the District Attorney’s office… Taking a picture with a gun, I don’t really think there’s a charge that would come into play with just having a photo of a gun or a photo of you and the firearm…” Well, duh. So why the terrorism charge, sheriff?

Actual news item: “The city of Minneapolis may fire its police psychology evaluator because his tests screened out too many minority candidates, despite already lowering psych evaluations far below the national standard.” One of the cops approved by the 80%-reduced standard fatally shot an innocent citizen/911 caller.

The Only Ones

At Norfolk International Airport over the last week, a TSA agent stopped a Chesapeake man with a .22-caliber revolver in his carry-on bag. He was cited. Three days later a TSA agent stopped a Norfolk woman with a .40-caliber handgun in her carry-on. Because she’s a police officer (an Only One), she was not cited, even though she also broke the law by trying to board the plane with her gun. In both instances, police confiscated the gun.

Indian Head, IL, (Chicago) Park Police Sergeant and USMC veteran Raymond Leuser, 48, shot his 22-year-old son four times for stealing his vodka and replacing it with water. The son was rushed to the hospital in critical condition but survived. Leuser is being held without bail on charges of attempted murder and aggravated battery.

Former Washington, D.C. Metro Police Officer Nicholas Young, 38, was found guilty Monday of trying to help the Islamic State after a federal jury found he obstructed justice and offered financial support to a friend he thought had joined the terrorist organization, making him the first law enforcement officer nationwide to be convicted in a terrorism case.  oung, a Muslim convert from Alexandria, Va., faces up to 60 years in prison.

Off-duty Richmond, CA, Police Officer Phillip Sanchez, 45, allegedly fired a bunch of shots inside the Four Seasons Hotel in San Francisco over the weekend and was booked on suspicion of four felony counts of vandalism, assault with a deadly weapon, shooting into an inhabited dwelling and willfully discharging a firearm with gross negligence. Police said Sanchez was described as acting erratically and talking about spirits before opening fire.

Former Riverside County, CA, Sheriff’s Department deputy Oscar Rodriguez was charged in connection with the on-duty killing of his ex-girlfriend’s new lover, officials announced Friday. The fatal shooting was originally determined to be justified by the Riverside County District Attorney’s Office before they learned that Rodriguez was in a relationship with the woman who was the mother of the deceased man’s children, triggering a new homicide investigation resulting in a grand jury murder indictment. Rodriguez was also charged with using a firearm during the crime and faces life in prison. The girlfriend was also arrested in connection with the homicide and has been charged with accessory to murder.

Four Bexar County, TX, deputies chasing a wanted felon opened fire on her with rifles and pistols as she tried to break into a mobile home, killing her and a 6-year-old boy inside the trailer. They say they don’t yet know who killed the boy.

Arizona Department of Public Safety Trooper John Petculescu was arrested and booked on eight counts of theft and eight counts of misconduct involving weapons, apparently for “misappropriating DPS ammunition and/or firearms,” including flash-bang grenades.

State Troopers’ gun list

Homeland Security ammo

Speer has been awarded a 5-year contract with the US Department of Homeland Security and Immigration Customs Enforcement for 120,000,000 rounds of 124-grain, 9mm Speer Gold Dot ammunition for numerous federal LE agencies.

CMP issues clarification on 1911 double NICS checks


Honor Guard pistols

We have reports that the Honor Guard pistols, made by Georgia-based Honor Defense, are not drop safe and may fire when dropped or impacted a certain way on the rear end. Apparently the company denies that there is a problem, and has not (yet) issued a recall, saying that the pistols passed their own “industry standard” testing and that “any firearm can discharge when dropped.” Uh huh.


Western Powders will be publishing its very first complete reloading manual, the “Western Powders Handloading Guide, Edition 1,” to include Accurate, Ramshot and Blackhorn 209 powders with data for metallic cartridges and muzzleloaders. This is not the little paper reloading guide, but a full hardcover manual. It’s not yet available.

Leupold’s new VX-Freedom line of scopes cover muzzleloader, rimfire and centerfire needs with eight versions and five reticle choices. The VX-Freedom series is waterproof, fogproof, shockproof and carries their Leupold Full Lifetime Guarantee. $235–$390.

The Remington 1911 R1 Ultra Light Executive in .45 ACP weighs 28 oz., has a 3.5″ barrel and a rounded butt. $1250.

The Remington 1911 R1 Enhanced Double Stack chambered in .45 ACP is a weighs 41 oz. and features 15-round magazines. $999.

The Remington 1911 R1 Recon Commander Double Stack is available in either .45 ACP or 9mm with a 4.25″ barrel. 15+1 capacity (.45 ACP) & 18+1 capacity (9mm). No weights given. $1275.

Phoenix Weaponry has announced a new AR-10 pattern rifle chambered in .45-70 Auto, a new cartridge duplicates the .45-70 Government performance in an AR-10 platform. $4800.

Charter Arms’ new Pathfinder Lite model 52270 is a 6-shot .22 LR double action revolver with an aluminum frame, 2″ barrel with full-length ejector rod shroud and an exposed hammer.

Charter’s new Undercover Lite, also known as the Chameleon, is a 12-oz., 5-shot .38 Special with a 2″ barrel and full-length ejector rod shroud. Its color is called Stingray, and it is a two-part Cerakote process.

Ruger’s new Security-9 is an internal hammer-fired 9mm pistol with a manual safety and a fire control system from the LCP line. 4″ barrel, 1.02″ slide width, 21 oz., 15+1 or 10+1 capacity. $379.

Ruger’s EC9s is also a polymer striker-fired 7+1 shot 9mm, a little larger than its LCP.  3.12″ barrel, 0.90″ wide, 17.2 oz., $299 ($218 at KyGunCo).

CZ is marketing two integrally suppressed rimfire barrels for CZ 455 rifles, available in 16.9″ or 20.9″ lengths, chambered for .22 LR or .17 HMR. $399.

Quotes of the Week

“Let the guy in the wheelchair drag the deer…”

“I respect my own Fear Factor. For me, the quicker the dude is deader, the sooner I’m less scareder.” — John Connor

Quote of the Month

“The [Delaware] Superior Court earlier upheld the bans [by two state agencies on guns in state parks and forests] based on the ‘important governmental objective of keeping the public safe from the potential harm of firearms in state parks and forests,’ The Court did not believe the regulations violated any Constitutional rights.

But that conclusion is based on the questionable notion — unsupported by reference to any evidence — that outlawing possession of firearms in an area makes law-abiding citizens safer because criminals will, for some reason, obey the regulations.” — Delaware State Supreme Court, in a 3-2 decision

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