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August 18, 2017 Newsletter by Jeff Pittman



Head Demanding Mommy Shannon Watts tweeted this week that the NRA is responsible for the violence (with a car, not a gun) in Charlottesville, VA, this week.

Markos Moulitsas, of The Dialy Kos, tweeted that the NRA are Nazis, literally.

List of gun-banning companies

The US Secret Service is investigating a Facebook post from Missouri state Sen. Maria Chappelle-Nadal (D-University City), in which she stated: “I hope Trump is assassinated!” — Nadal later confirmed that she had made that post.

New Hampshire District 7 state Representative Katherine Rogers (D-Concord), 61, has been charged by the NHSP with assault in Concord District Court and is scheduled to be arraigned in late September, according to court documents. The complaint states that on Nov. 16, 2016, during the recount for the District 7 state Senate seat held at the state archives building, Rogers allegedly struck Susan Olsen, a 2nd Amendment activist and former state Rep. candidate, “with a semi-closed right hand squarely on (her) left ear.” Rogers also allegedly tried to bait her victim into hitting and shooting her.


Three people — a man, a woman and a teenage boy — were killed in an apparent home invasion after they allegedly broke into a Chicago home Sunday, where they were shot by the homeowner, according to police. This is precisely what the Supreme Court’s McDonald case was about.

Not a DGU

A church usher and another man were shot dead on the steps of a Chicago church Sunday morning by two masked gunmen.

Be prepared. Always.

Karma Dept.

You may have heard about the man who allegedly killed his mother, sister, and sister’s friend with a hammer in Long Island, NY. A fourth victim escaped.

Turns out that the mother had joined the anti-gun movement and signed a “Trayvon Martin” styled petition “to protect private citizens from [defensive] gun violence.”

Well, the perp didn’t have a gun and neither did she.

The Only Ones

Jose Rivera, a Grant County, WA, sheriff’s deputy, also has worked with the Royal City Police Department, and is a member of the US Marshal’s Violent Offender Task Force and the Moses Lake Regional Tactical Response Team. Last week he negligently shot his wife while handling a firearm inside their home.

Former Dent County, MO, sheriff’s deputy and state correctional officer Marvin Rice has been convicted of first- and second-degree murder for fatally shooting his ex-girlfriend and her boyfriend, respectively, in 2011.

Dayton, Ohio Police Chief Richard Biehl could face discipline and have to reimburse the city for the cost of a new gun if carelessness or negligence is determined during an administrative investigation into the theft of his issue Glock 30 pistol. Off duty officer who carry guns are required to keep them loaded. Questions remain about the chief’s location and the gun’s location when the gun was stolen.

Three unidentified St. Louis, MO, undercover police officers chased a suspected drug dealer when he reportedly pointed a gun at them. One of the cops shot at the perp three times. No one was hit, but they took the suspect to a hospital as a precaution after he fell and scraped his finger during the encounter.

The iGen

This ain’t about guns. But every member of society should read it. It’s a bit long.

General Congressman

US Rep. Trent Kelly (R-MS), also an Army NG colonel, is reportedly in line to be promoted to brigadier general.

Kelly formerly commanded the Vicksburg-based 168th Engineer Brigade and is now assigned to the Mississippi National Guard’s joint force headquarters in Jackson. The 51-year-old has served three tours of duty in the sandbox.

The Senate recently confirmed the promotions of Kelly and several others. Kelly’s staff says he’s currently referred to as brigadier general select.

We don’t know how the separation of powers doctrine applies or doesn’t apply here.

History of .38 Special +P+ government loads

Ammo Evolution: .38 Special Treasury Load

Self Defense insurance programs comparison

Industry news

Vista Outdoors, which owns CCI and Federal ammunition, opened their new 37,000 square foot rimfire production facility expansion in Lewiston, Idaho last week. The old Lewiston facility produced about 4 million .22 rimfire rounds a day. No word on the upgraded capacity.

Further details on the Sig P320 “voluntary upgrade”


A “discreet” gun case that ain’t. But it is cool.

Federal Ammunition is now offering its American Eagle Syntech Total Synthetic Jacket (TSJ) bullets as components for handloading. Calibers 9mm, .40 and .45.

Think about it…

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