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June 9, 2017 Newsletter by Jeff Pittman

Legislative update

US House still farting around with Fast & Furious debacle

No remedy, no results, no accountability, no indictments, no justice. Just a “report.” Meanwhile Eric Holder and his fellow felons are walking around free.

“Today, the Justice Department continues to withhold documents and stonewall Congress and press requests for information revealing how many crimes have been committed by criminals using Fast and Furious-trafficked weapons…. My investigation uncovered many other operations besides Fast and Furious in which the government was ‘letting guns walk.'” — Sharyl Attkisson

More guns, less crime. Again. And again.

FBI: Handgun Murders Dropped when These States Abolished Concealed Permit Requirements

Remember all those liberals who cried blood in the streets about relaxing permitting and open carry requirements? Guess they were wrong. Again.

And then there’s this: School Shootings Increased after Federal Gun Bans


We have a report that multiple eyewitnesses said that community police officers fled from Borough Market in London after seeing two men with knives stabbing people in the terror attack last Saturday. The “official” police response time was reported to be eight minutes.

We also hear that at least one of the attackers, who was shot dead by police after the fact, was a British citizen/subject and was already under investigation and known to police because he had links to notorious ISIS executioners “Jihadi Sid” and the “Jihadi Giant.”

Although the UK is stridently anti-gun, once some armed police showed up, they wasted no time killing the killers. So they admit that good guys need guns, but just don’t think anyone besides the “Only Ones” are worthy of staying alive.

You are on your own. Here’s proof:

10 Tips for Surviving a Terrorist Vehicle Attack

Hostage Rescue in the Age of ISIS, by James A. Gagliano:

“Hostage negotiation as a profession, just might be approaching obsolescence. Why, you ask? Because in the minds of the mentally ill and psychopathic religious orthodoxy adherents, they do not appear to be seeking to extend their fifteen minutes of fame. Death is the outcome they crave.” — from Hostage Rescue in the Age of ISIS

OK, let’s give it to them — NOW — before they kill anyone else. — JP

Combating Terrorism newsletter

Reading material.

Orlando, again

You’ve probably heard about the incident in Orlando, FL, this week when a worker who had been fired in April from his job at an RV awning factory returned to the facility and fatally shot five coworkers before killing himself. Some victims were shot multiple times, and the killer reloaded his pistol at least once. Seven other people were not shot. Two things jump out at me from this report:

1) Sheriff’s deputies responded to the scene within TWO MINUTES of the 911 call by a worker who the perpetrator allowed to escape, apparently just prior to the shootings. State and federal officers also responded.
2) The perpetrator killed himself when he heard approaching sirens.

Two minutes. Five people dead. 911 almost certainly saved other lives, but not those five. What could have saved those?

Home safety

Tom Gresham reminds us after his house fire to be sure that not only do you have appropriate fire extinguisher coverage, but that everyone in your house knows how to use them, and where to squirt them. Don’t assume.

Purse Carry thoughts

WalletHub says Mississippi is the least safe state

Meanwhile PoliceOne.com used per capita homicide rates from County Health Rankings to find the top 10 most deadly counties and independent cities or districts for homicides between 2009 and 2015. Coahoma County, MS was second, with 37 homicides per 100k population, and Washington County, MS, tied with Dallas County, AL for tenth, with 25. Orleans Parish, LA was first with 43.

Buckmasters scam

The state of Alabama has filed a 10-count lawsuit against Buckmasters, Ltd., which is headquartered in Montgomery and claims 325,000 members and magazine subscribers. Alabama’s attorney general Steven T. Marshall alleges Buckmasters “signed consumers up for Buckmasters memberships without their express verifiable authorization” in violation of the state’s Deceptive Trade Practices Act, charity fraud statutes and the Alabama Telemarketing Act. Then the consumer would be billed. The State also alleges Buckmasters engaged in “aggressive — and illegal — collection efforts.” The court filing indicates that people who were contacted by telemarketers and declined to purchase a membership were sent and billed for a membership anyway.

In response, Buckmasters founder Jackie Bushman reportedly said, “The entire staff at Buckmasters, Inc. is grateful to the Office of the Attorney General of Alabama for helping us correct this situation.”

Sounds like a guilty plea to me.


Shoot like a girl

Record grizzly with a single-shot .22 Long. Rimfire. Not Long Rifle. Includes shot placement advice.

Non-Newtonian fluid body armor

US Army Releases RFI for New 7.62mm Interim Combat Service Rifle

The Only Ones

An unidentified Milwaukee, WI, police officer was accidentally shot by another unidentified officer last week while investigating a report of a fight when several vicious dogs at the home charged the officers. After non-lethal efforts to control the dogs failed, one of the officers fired his weapon, accidentally hitting the other officer. One dog was euthanized due to severe gunshot wounds. Another dog suffered minor injuries and a third dog was not injured.

It looks more like Pasadena, CA, Police Lt. Vasken Gourdikian, whose home was raided by the ATF in February when dozens of guns were seized, was likely illegally selling guns.

Bloomberg defeat

Toby Barker, who currently serves as the Republican representative for Mississippi House District 102 in central Hattiesburg, ran for mayor of Hattiesburg as an Independent and decisively defeated liberal Democrat Johnny DuPree. Barker will resign his legislative seat. You may recall that DuPree is an active member of Michael Bloomberg’s “Mayors Against Guns” anti-civil-rights group. But beginning July 1, DuPree will no longer be a mayor.

In fact, more Republicans ran in more Mississippi municipalities this election cycle than ever before, and the results were good for the MSGOP, with a number of significant wins and majorities. Republicans tend to be more gun-friendly than Democrats. But that ain’t saying much.

My kind of chief


Firearms trainer and veteran Pat MacNamara (whoever he is) has publicly stated on a Comedy Central video (not linked due to language) and social media (not used by this author) that he supports Universal Background Checks and mandatory waiting periods.

I don’t and won’t.

He claims he was edited by CC, but it seems that he still said it.

PS: MacNamara apparently lurks at an Oxford, MS range on occasion. Beware.

MS Church Security course reminder (not a paid advertisement)

Clyde Morgan’s Precision Shooting Center, Forest, MS, offers Church Security Team Handgun Training that is unique to Mississippi. He notes this week that

“If you carry a handgun for defense, you do so in the expectation you may have to shoot someone. Keep in mind that just shooting paper, ‘though essential, does not prepare you to survive a gun fight. PSC’s Tactical Handgun Course instructor has won five gun fights. The THC teaches accurate, limited shooting behind cover at three distances. Targets include one Runner, 4 pop-up reactive Silhouettes, and six metal Gongs. If you are interested, and you should be, or if you are a church security team member, go to PrecisionShootingCenter.com.”

Rednecks in Maine

Yep, Maine.

Cool compensator flow simulation videos

Browse these videos on YouTube.

Sgt. Major Dan Daly. Ooh-Rah.

STAG Arms update.

I thought former CEO Mark Malkowski was banned from the firearm business. But there he is, hired as a “consultant” to STAG.


Ramshot Hunter Powder — Western Powders has issued a recall of Ramshot Hunter powder, Lot Number 489, bottled on 08/05/2016, due to possible overpressure.

Ruger has announced a safety recall for their new MKIV pistols because some guns have been found to fire when the safety is placed between the “safe” and “fire” positions and the trigger is pulled. The potential also exists for the gun to fire when the safety is moved from the mid position to “fire” after pulling the trigger and not having a round discharge. (This seems to be a pretty common recall industrywide.) Affected MKIV pistols (all models) bear serial numbers beginning with “401” (2017 models) or “WBR” (2016 models). Newly manufactured (after June 1, 2017) Mark IV pistols will begin with serial number “500,” and are not subject to the recall. You get a free magazine if you get the fix.


  • Two years of GUNS print magazine for just $15 (regular $42.95). Expires MONDAY, June 12.
  • Federal Premium has a new Hunter Match .22 LR load featuring a 40 grain “match” lead HP bullet “tuned for optimum penetration and expansion out to 100 yards.” 1200 fps. Nickel-plated case. Load #720.
  • Alliant Powder’s new Sport Pistol powder is claimed to provide extremely reliable cycling, excellent charging and case fill, and good performance with all bullet types, while the low-muzzle-flash formulation was optimized for polymer-coated bullets and intended to not remove the polymer coatings at the bullet base. A medium-fast burning powder, Sport Pistol is also very temperature stable.
  • City of St. Louis registered Thompson SMGs for sale.
  • Grabagun.com has DPMS GII MOE (AR-10) rifles in 7.62 for $879 after rebate.
  • The .400AR cartridge. In case you don’t like those 45-caliber answers for your poodle-shooter.
  • Tomahawk stocks for your rifle-length AR. Literally. Real tomahawks. Kinda gives “buttstroke” a new meaning. Does this make bayonets obsolete? $200.
  • Building your own lighweight AR? Parts weight database.
  • Colt is now making Series 70 Competition Pistols in .45 ACP, 9mm and .38 Super, both blued and stainless. $900-1100.
  • The X Products .308 Multi Use Launcher (M.U.L.) is a bigger, badder can cannon for .308/7.62 sized AR10 lowers. $500

Quotes of the Week

“I know how important it is to be safe and to have armed security. All of my security team is armed, but they also support stricter gun control laws and believe that we should restrict access to firearms…” — Kim Kardashian, famous for…. nothing.

“A system of government that makes the People subordinate to a committee of nine unelected lawyers does not deserve to be called a democracy.” — Antonin Scalia

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