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June 2, 2017 Newsletter by Jeff Pittman


The ATF is still giving out guns to criminals.  Now in Florida.


US District Court Judge John Gibney, Jr. of the Eastern District of Virginia has ruled in favor of talking twithead Katie Couric in the lawsuit against her for her creative editing of an anti-gun “documentary.”  The Virginia Citizens Defense League, whose members were interviewed in the program, filed a $13M defamation suit against Couric and her cohorts.  During the filming, Couric asked the group a question, and then edited in a completely different response, one of 9 seconds of silence, instead of the group’s real response.  Judge Gibney said that was “neither false nor harmful,” and since he didn’t like the group’s real answer, it was OK for Couric to fake a “no answer.”

President Obama appointed Gibney to the district court seat in 2010, saying “He has an outstanding record of excellence and integrity and has exhibited a strong dedication to the rule of law throughout his career.”  Oops.

In an 8-0 ruling the US Supreme Court overturned the Ninth Circuit Court’s decision in County of Los Angeles v. Mendez.  SCOTUS says that law enforcement officers are justified in protecting and defending themselves with lethal force in any given situation irrespective of how legitimately or illegitimately they may have arrived at said situation. In other words, armed government agents that illegally break into your home have self defense rights, but the innocent homeowner has no self-defense rights against these criminals in his own home.

Let’s make that worse, shall we?

More Guns, Less Crime.  Again.


Hinds County, MS, District Attorney Robert Shuler Smith has been indicted by a Rankin County Grand Jury on two felony and two misdemeanor charges. Smith, 45, of Jackson, is charged with two misdemeanor counts of simple domestic violence and two felony counts of (1) aggravated stalking (pointing a firearm) and (1) robbery (took the gun). All the charges are apparently related to a “domestic” spat. The Rankin prosecutor is already offering a plea deal.

Mr. Smith was already awaiting re-trial after being indicted for improperly helping criminal defendants in Hinds County. His January trial ended in a mistrial.

You may remember that Smith was one of the ringleaders trying to shoot down Mississippi’s open carry law at the last minute.

Boundary Setting

Be a hard target

From Varg Freeborn:

“There is an art to appearing confident and capable without appearing challenging… One of the best exercises I have ever heard on how to get a perspective of this is to become the bad guy. What?? NO, I don’t mean become the bad guy. I mean think like him and choose victims based upon appearance. The next time you are out in public, do this exercise by looking around and picking who you would and who you would not rob or attack. Categorize them and list the reasons why you would avoid certain people. Next, take that list of deterrents and begin thinking about how you can emulate that behavior to make yourself seem less of a target. You will find reasons that are outside of the obvious cues that you are thinking about now.”

Over the past decade, more than 60,000 people have been arrested for the simple act of carrying pocket knives in New York City alone.


NBC News has done a hit piece about children and guns, and in that, reported on a Children’s National Hospital study about kids being killed with guns (they said 4500 in 2015). Just one problem. They counted 18-20 year-olds as children.

The same thing is going on at the Pediatric Academic Societies Meeting, reported by CNN, WebMD, CBS, et al.

The Only Ones

Former California police officer Jennifer Rae McClary was arrested on suspicion of bank robbery and possession of a controlled substance after she reportedly disguised herself as a man to rob a bank in Northern California. McClary previously served with the Los Angeles Police Department from 2006 to 2008, then worked as a Placentia police officer until 2010.

30-year veteran Hampton Township, MI, Police Officer Craig J. Bouckaert, 57, was arrested charges of assault with a dangerous weapon (4 year felony) and misdemeanor domestic violence for pointing his issue gun at his wife during a domestic argument at their home in Bay City, MI. He immediately resigned (probably retired) from the PD.

You are of course aware of the car theft, kidnapping and murder case involving little six year-old Kingston Frazier last month in Jackson, MS. You may have also heard that there was a Hinds County deputy sheriff on security duty at the shopping center when the car and child were taken, but that the deputy “didn’t know” at the time that a child was involved. It turns out that this particular deputy has a history. Folks, you are most definitely on your own.

John Lott with Old News:  Cops commit more gun crimes than CCW license holders do.

“Permits have been revoked for firearms-related violations at rates of thousandths of one percentage point. Civilian (sic) permit holders are less likely than police officers to be convicted of a firearms violation.”

Kinda funny

Euless Guns and Ammo is located at 1200 West Euless Boulevard. The police department is next door on the same side of the street at 1102 West Euless Blvd. A group of five gun thieves broke into Euless Guns using a truck and stole 39 guns and escaped before police arrived around 5 am Saturday. Euless is in Texas near Dallas. One wonders if the name was misspelled.

Glock:  It ain’t the guns.

Glock Customer Service Issues Reported, according to an armorer school instructor:

90% – Shooter/User Error
9.9% – Ammunition
0.05% – Maintenance (Or Lack Thereof)
0.05% – Mechanical

So, Glocks are 99.95% reliable.

The FBI’s May NICS check numbers (unadjusted) have been released

Showing that:

  • More background checks were performed in May 2017 than in any other May since the recording began in mid-1998.
  • 1,942,677 total background checks were performed, an increase of over 70,000 checks from the previous record set in 2016.
  • May is the first month in 2017 when more background checks were performed than in 2016.

I guess America is great again.


Daniel Defense firearms containing a single-stage Fire Control Group, manufactured between April 1, 2016 and March 3, 2017, MAY have a problem.


  • American Handgunner magazine. 2-year print subscription for only $15. EXPIRES MONDAY.
  • Bass Pro Shops now has online gun ordering. Free shipping to your local BPS store.
  • Para Ordnance, makers of double-stack 1911 pistols, was purchased by the Freedom Group, which also owns Remington. The Para Pistols went away, since Remington has its own line of 1911s. But now the double stack guns are back, with the Remington name. Around $1300-1400.
  • American Tactical has GSG WWII MP-40 reproduction pistols in 9mm. While maintaining a close overall appearance to the original WWII firearm, the GSG-MP40P is manufactured as a pistol (no stock) with all new parts to US regulation specs for importation. $650.
  • OK, I just started liking cleaning guns: CleanShot® is a high-velocity bore cleaning device that effectively field cleans your guns bore in an instant. Simply load a CleanShot® cartridge and safely fire at the range or in the field — removing fouling, plastics and other bore eating contaminants in less than a second.
  • Light mounts for your AK
  • has some Ruger 10/22 rifles for $169 and Ruger AR-556 rifles for $479.

Quotes of the Week

“‘Occasionally’ carrying a concealed pistol is akin to ‘occasionally’ wearing a seatbelt while driving! Either wear a seatbelt or don’t, but please refrain from insulting my intelligence by insisting that you can predict the future with sufficient precision, so that you’ll know exactly when you’re going to ‘need it,’ and when you’re not, or that you have the uncanny ability to arbitrarily separate your life into ‘safe’ and ‘dangerous’ moments.” — John Farnam

“If you know when and where you’re going to need it, don’t go there.” — me

Gun rights

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