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2A Email Down, Litigation, NRA, 911

March 10, 2017 Newsletter by Jeff Pittman


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The annual Mississippi State Firearm Owners Association meeting will be held March 11 at the Pearl, MS Bass Pro Shops at 100 Bass Pro Drive, Pearl, MS. The meeting will be in the downstairs in the back room of the restaurant and will start promptly at 1 pm. Membership renewals and new memberships will be accepted beginning at 12 noon.


US Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals injunction against US Army Corps of Engineers’ ban on firearms on Corps property to be codified into regulation by Trump Administration.

Bullit County, KY, Drone Shooting Case Dismissed:

“I think it’s credible testimony that his drone was hovering from anywhere, for two or three times over these people’s property, that it was an invasion of their privacy and that they had the right to shoot this drone,” Bullitt County Judge Rebecca Ward said in court.

Wisconsin Supreme Court Affirms Right to Carry a Firearm for Self-Defense:

In a 5-2 ruling this week, Wisconsin’s Supreme Court found that the City of Madison’s current carry prohibition on their transit buses is illegal under two parts of state law, because the City lacks the authority to ban carrying guns on city buses. The ruling reversed decisions by a circuit judge and the Court of Appeals and affirms the right of law-abiding passengers to carry a firearm for self-defense on Madison buses, like they are currently allowed to do on buses run by other local transit agencies. The lower courts apparently thought that the state ban on city bans didn’t apply to city “agencies” like the City Transit and Parking Commission.

Still no one held responsible for DOJ/ATF’s Fast & Furious felonies

NRA Membership

NRA Annual Meeting

From the NRA:

During the 2017 NRA Annual Meetings & Exhibits, lawfully carried firearms will be permitted in the Georgia World Congress Center and the Omni Atlanta Hotel at CNN Center in accordance with Georgia law. However, firearms are not allowed in the remainder of the CNN Center, including the food court and shops. When carrying your firearm, remember to follow all federal, state and local laws.

WHY does NRA have meetings at these places?

NRA “blended training” reversal details


“I don’t think this has anything to do with the second amendment rights when you have the right to carry a weapon off your property. Your automobile is not your property.” — Bobby Timmons, Executive Director of the Alabama Sheriffs’ Association

Dept. of Idiocy

The San Antonio Police Department’s Bomb Squad was called to a Southwest Side neighborhood Saturday after a small quantity of small arms ammunition was found underneath a home. Six surrounding homes were evacuated. SAFD Capt. Troy Balcar said a family member found a sealed box with about 75 rounds of 40-year-old ammunition underneath the house of a recently deceased person.

75 rounds of ammo from the late 70’s. Geez, I hope they don’t check my pockets.

But they haven’t learned. This is the second time old ammunition has been found at the same home. Just the week before, the bomb squad spent about half an hour disposing of shotgun shells found there.

Apparently they think it’s unusually dangerous because it was improperly stored and had deteriorated. Well only if you try to fire it.

The Only Ones

You Are On Your Own

Police departments in ten states and the District of Columbia reported an outage preventing AT&T customers from calling 911 from cellphones Wednesday night. And have you noticed how much the cops use cell phones instead of police radios now? But wait, what if you need to call 911? What if you’re solely dependent on your cell phone and have no Plan A? Oh well.

3 Post-Court Myths Dispelled By Massad Ayoob

Three case reports prove that being cleared in court doesn’t protect you from being clearly jammed-up in other ways.

Army pistol training

Don’t do this

A 17-year-old Georgia honor student who was listening through his earbuds while walking along a train track was hit by a train he didn’t hear coming. But reportedly he could feel it and still didn’t get out of the way. As a result, the boy has had his legs partially amputated. He remained calm enough to call 911 on a phone he apparently had on him. I suspect he would be better off to have not been walking on/near train tracks (which is trespassing) and not farting around being oblivious to the world around him. No word on whether he’s taking honors physics.


We have reports that both Remington and Colt are laying off plant workers.

The unadjusted NICS checks number for February, 2017 was 2,234,817. That is the third highest number of NICS checks for any February. The highest was in 2016, with 2,613,074. The second highest was in 2013, with 2,309,393.


  • What’s better than a Springfield XD(M)? An XD(M) in 10mm, which Springfield reportedly has in the works. Possibly a 10mm 1911 to follow.
  • The .257-6.5 Creedmoor, AKA the 2Fity-Hillbilly. I need one for the name alone.
  • Apparently Taurus is no longer making any .45ACP pistols other than 1911s, and is making a 9mm 1911.

Quote of the Week

“Just because your gun holds 18 rounds does not mean you will have 18 chances to get it done.” — Ron Avery

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