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2A News: January 13, 2017 Newsletter by Jeff Pittman


President-elect Donald Trump has nominated former Republican Indiana Senator Dan Coats to be Director of National Intelligence. Coats has supported gun control legislation on multiple occasions, including expanded background checks, waiting periods, and bans of semiautomatic weapons and standard capacity magazines.

Senate confirmation hearings of Trump’s cabinet nominations are already underway. I was previously unaware that a president-elect could officially nominate someone, and have confirmation hearings, before the inauguration.

During the hearing for Jeff Sessions, nominated to be US Attorney General, Sessions said “I Believe in Background Check Laws.”

Sessions also said, “Well, I do believe the Second Amendment is a personal right,” and regarding laws that make use of firearms during crimes, a crime itself: “I think that’s a legitimate and responsible restraint on the Second Amendment.”

Gun study shoots President in the foot

President Obama’s $10 million CDC study included in his 23 executive orders signed last January says “Studies that directly assessed the effect of actual defensive uses of guns (i.e., incidents in which a gun was ‘used’ by the crime victim in the sense of attacking or threatening an offender) have found consistently lower injury rates among gun-using crime victims compared with victims who used other self-protective strategies,” and there is no evidence “that passage of right-to-carry laws decrease or increase violence crime,” and proposed “gun turn-in programs are ineffective.”


Makes one wonder where SCOTUS thinks those previous cases came from, under this ruling.

Gun free zones

Two employees of Panera Bread in Ridgeland, MS, got into a shootout in the parking lot last week. We have previously and repeatedly reported that Panera is a “gun free” zone. I don’t go there.

And the shootings at Florida’s Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood International Airport? A deeply mentally-ill man known to the FBI flew from Alaska to Florida, took a pistol out of his checked luggage inside an airport bathroom near the baggage claim, loaded it, and then opened fire in a so-called “gun free zone.” Apparently in Florida it is illegal to carry a loaded gun in the unsecured areas of an airport (even with a permit), but unloaded, checked guns are OK. So, disregarding any prohibited people or criminal intent, the gun was legal until it was unpacked and loaded, at which time it became the only loaded gun in the area full of victims.

There was an armed TSA bureaucrat sitting at a desk where you exit the terminal area and go into baggage claim, about ten paces from the first baggage carousel, where the shootings occurred. But news reports indicate that the killer reloaded twice, and then when he ran out of ammo began walking out of the airport, at which time the cops finally emerged from their safe space and arrested him — AFTER he murdered five people and shot eight others without any interference at all by the TSA, state police, or county cops who are all over the Fort Lauderdale airport. Maybe they were waiting for the professionals.

Gun-Free ZoneSee also:

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Y’all stop doing it, and I’ll stop talking about it.

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I am unfamiliar with this author and am making no endorsement here. Just FYI.

Liberals vs. Silencers

The left is going nuts over the introduction of the Hearing Protection Act bill (HR 367) introduced in Congress to replace the outdated federal transfer process with an instant NICS background check, and repeal the $200 transfer tax for suppressors. Anyone who can legally buy a gun will be able to buy a suppressor.

Language warning. I didn’t write it.

More on suppressor legislation: “The Anti-Safety Media Continues to Push this Lie about Silencers


“At this time, the Board of Directors has recently restated AARP policy to continue to support careful measures to restrict the availability of guns…” — Does AARP Want Your Guns?

Homeland Security Director Jeh Johnson wants to take over your local elections.

Hinds County, MS, Judge Tomie Green lets convicted serial armed robber go — predictably he robs again. I suggest that makes “Judge” Green an accessory to a felony.

In other news, the Tree of Liberty needs watering.


American Medical Association. Again.

Chicago correction

AMI Newswire reports that “The record-setting violence in Chicago is even worse than announced as new evidence shows the city suffered 50 more homicides last year than the numbers publicly reported in the past week. The city posted a decades-high homicide count of 812 in 2016, per the Cook County Medical Examiner’s office. That’s 15% greater than the 762 murders reported by the city’s police department.”


A motorist who witnessed an Arizona state trooper being physically assaulted by a man along a remote stretch of Interstate 10 early Thursday morning fatally shot the perpetrator, who had also shot the trooper prior to the good Samaritan’s arrival. Apparently the trooper had stopped to assist at a fatal rollover accident and was ambushed by his assailant, who was on top of the trooper bashing his head against the pavement (like Trayvon Martin) when the good Samaritan saved the day. “My trooper would not be alive without his assistance,” Department of Public Safety Director Ralph Milstead said of the motorist. Watch for lamestream media minions to search diligently for some reason, any reason, to call this good Sam some sort of “special” person (such as an off-duty cop), in order to satisfy themselves that he was “authorized” to use deadly force to save the trooper. Because we can’t have the average Joe running around out there saving lives. Just my prediction.

Members of the legal community are scratching their heads over the murder indictment of a Jackson, MS, business owner accused of shooting a teen who was allegedly breaking into a vehicle on his property. Caught on video.

Department of War, er Defense, er Botany

The Department of Defense has requested the Small Business Innovation Research program to develop “biodegradable training ammunition loaded with specialized seeds to grow environmentally beneficial plants that eliminate ammunition debris and contaminants.”

The request includes both small arms and “low velocity 40mm grenades; 60mm, 81mm, and 120mm mortars; shoulder launched munitions; 120mm tank rounds; and 155mm artillery rounds.” This includes cartridge cases and sabot petals, which are spread through the impact areas.


Roy Innis, a giant in the civil rights arena who served on the National Rifle Association Board of Directors for many years, passed away Jan. 7 after a long illness. He was 82.

Innis, who once pushed (fat) Al Sharpton off his chair backwards and onto the stage on the Morton Downey program, also served as chairman of the Congress of Racial Equality for many years, and was described by the Washington Times as a “civil rights icon.”

Don’t you miss Roy already?

Mississippi Range News

Effective Thursday, February 02, 2017, Clyde Morgan’s Precision Shooting Center in Forest, MS, will be open to the public every Thursday, Saturday, and Sunday from 10:00am until 5:00pm. These dates are in addition to the regularly scheduled classes that are also listed on the website. Until Feb. 2, PSC remains open to the public two weekends and two Thursdays each month. Clyde has hired Roy Aultman from Forest as PSC Manager, and we look forward to a great future at PSC.


  • The SHOT Show is next week.
  • 2017 is the 100th anniversary of the Browning Automatic Rifle, and Browning is commemorating the centennial event with a special semi-auto sporting version called the BAR Safari 100th Anniversary model. It has a steel receiver with special engravings and a handsome polished blue finish, 22″ barrel, Grade V Turkish walnut stock with an oil finish and it is chambered for the .30-06 Sprg. Only 100 of these rifles will be made.
  • Thompson/Center has announced the 6.5 Creedmoor chambering in its Compass bolt rifle, which has a detachable 5-round rotary flush-fitting magazine, adjustable trigger and synthetic stock. The 5R rifled 24″ barrel is threaded for the addition of a brake or suppressor. $399.
  • Smith & Wesson also announced a new AR-style rifle chambered in the 6.5 Creedmoor, and other companies, including Mossberg, Fierce Arms, Savage, Weatherby, Christensen Arms, Bergara, 2A Armament and Browning, are also introducing rifles in the caliber.
  • Inland Manufacturing has announced a new Inland Liberator Derringer pistol in .45 ACP. Matte stainless, 18 oz.
  • The Iver Johnson 1911A1 Chrome is chambered in either .45 ACP or .38 Super and has a chrome finish and black Dymondwood or black pearl grips, dovetailed front sight and standard GI-type rear sight, standard hammer and grip safety.
  • Iver Johnson’s Pocket Ace 4-barrel stainless steel derringer is chambered in .22 Long Rifle and has a rotating firing pin that allows each barrel to be fired separately and an integrated, ambidextrous safety/takedown lever. 2″ barrels.
  • Iver Johnson also has a new single-shot folding shotgun in .410 bore. It is offered with either an 18″ or 26″ barrel, and with either a wood or synthetic stock. This gun is designed to fold in half for easy storage or transport. Dunno why it couldn’t have been a double.
  • Chiappa Firearms USA, Ltd. offers its M1-22 and M1-9 carbines chambered in 22LR and 9mm respectively. These rifles are near identical facsimiles of the M1 Carbine.
  • Magnum Research’s Desert Eagle Mark XIX is a 6″ multi-caliber (.50 AE, .44 Mag., .357 Mag.) kit including the base (black) frame, barrel, magazine and bolt (only the .357 requires a different bolt) for all the calibers. The $3,035 kit includes:
    • DE50 (.50 AE Pistol with 6″ Barrel, Black, 7 Round Magazine)
    • BAR446 (.44 Magnum, 6″ Barrel, Black)
    • BAR3576 (.357 Magnum, 6″ Barrel, Black)
    • .357 Magnum Bolt Assembly
    • MAG44 (.44 Magnum, 8 Round Magazine)
    • MAG357 (.357 Magnum, 9 Round Magazine)
    • Shipped in Protective Lockable (locks not included) Aluminum Case
  • Winchester is introducing the new Super X 4 autoloader in 12-gauge, in either 3″ or 3½” chamberings in the Composite black and Waterfowl models. There are two other SX4 3″ models, the Field and Compact Field.
  • Stoeger’s M3000 Tactical model is offered in 12-gauge with field or pistol grip stock. It has an 18.5″ barrel and 3″ chamber, and uses the Benelli type inertia-driven action.
  • Stoeger’s P3000 Tactical model is also chambered in 3″ 12-gauge, and has a black synthetic stock available in either field or pistol grip configurations. 18.5″ barrel.
  • Stoeger’s P3500 is chambered for 3″ 12-gauge magnums and has a 28″ vent rib barrel with red bar front sight, and comes with a Modified choke tube. Black or Realtree Max-5 camo.
  • Remington’s Model 700 Magpul is available in .260 Rem. or .308 Win. and has the following features:
    • Carbon steel barreled action with tactical bolt handle
    • Metal finished in black Cerakote
    • 22″ Heavy Free-floated barrel with 5-R rifling
    • Threaded muzzle with thread protector
    • X-Mark Pro Externally Adjustable Trigger
    • Magpul Hunter stock with aluminum bedding block, with adjustable length-of-pull kit and three comb-height inserts.
  • Leupold’s (loo-polled) new VX-6HD Riflescopes. Impressive. They also have a new thermal “viewer,” and the new VX-3i LRP (Long Range Precision) riflescope built off the cutting-edge VX-3i with Twilight Max® Light Management System that delivers high-end features in a “competitively priced” riflescope, built to the same demanding standards and quality as the rest of the Leupold line of products.
  • The new .22 Nosler is a completely new cartridge, without a parent case. OAL is about the same as .223 Rem, but the slightly fatter, slightly rebated-rim case (which shares bolt face dimension with the .223 Rem) will need 6.8 SPC mags to feed in the AR.
  • Federal Premium’s new Personal Defense .38 Special HST Micro adds to its line of ammunition optimized for short barreled handguns. In this load, the bullet is seated deep inside the case so that the cartridge looks similar to a wadcutter.
  • Federal Premium Hunter Match .22 Long Rifle claims long-range accuracy and terminal performance with a hollow-point lead bullet “tuned for optimum penetration and expansion out to 100 yards.” Plus, high-velocity loading flattens trajectories and increases energy. Nickel-plated cases.
  • Federal also added an all-new 120-grain 6.5 Grendel loading to the Fusion MSR line, along with the new 6.5 Creedmoor cartridge.
  • New Federal Gold Medal Berger loads feature Berger bullets with high ballistic coefficients in .223 Rem., 6.5 Grendel, 6.5 Creedmoor and .308 Win.
  • Federal’s new Hi-Bird lead shotshells feature a two-piece wad with SoftCell technology for more consistent long-range patterns while reducing felt recoil. Available in five new 12-gauge options.
  • Sierra has announced the following new MatchKing bullets: a 197-grain 7mm with an elongated ogive designed for use in barrels with a minimum rifling twist of 1:7.5″, a 195-grain, high-BC 30-caliber with an acetal resin tip for use in barrels with rifling twists of 1:10″ or faster, and a 110-grain, 6mm with an elongated ogive for barrels with a 1:7″ twist or faster.
  • Faxon Firearms is offering a new line of muzzle devices that are slim enough to pass a gas block and barrel nut over. The SLIM line of muzzle devices will also be available already pinned and welded to the barrel. Options include two different muzzle device options (SLIM tri-prong Flash Hider and SLIM 3 Port Brake) and two different 14.5″ barrel profile options (Pencil and GUNNER). $60 for the devices, including the mounting/timing kit, and $249/$259 for the SLIM-equipped barrels.

Quote of the Week

“The most fundamental fact about the ideas of the political left is that they do not work. Therefore we should not be surprised to find the left concentrated in institutions where ideas do not have to work in order to survive.” — Thomas Sowell

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