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2A News: November 18, 2016 Newsletter by Jeff Pittman


I may skip the 2A News next week due to Thanksgiving. Y’all remember what it’s about, and have a blessed one. — JP


President-elect Trump, on your rights. Feel better now?

To all the Clintonistas: What’s the matter; not used to not getting a trophy just for participating?

Former US Attorney General Eric Holder said that he believes one of the reasons why President-elect Donald Trump won was because of decisions Holder made while at the Justice Department.

Ya think?

Holder was the first US attorney general in history and the first cabinet member in history to be held in contempt of Congress, after failing to turn over subpoenaed records regarding ATF’s illegal Fast and Furious gunrunning scheme.

Race-baiter and rabble-rouser Rev. Jesse Jackson called on President Obama this week to issue a “blanket pardon” to Hillary Clinton before Donald Trump takes office.

US Senate Democrats have elected rabidly anti-gun Senator Charles Schumer (NY) as the new Senate Minority Leader, succeeding anti-gunner Harry Reid, who is retiring. They also re-elected Sen. Dick Durbin (IL) as Senate Minority Whip and Sen. Patty Murray of (WA) as Assistant Democratic leader. Dianne Feinstein (CA) (“turn them in, Mr. and Mrs. America”) was named ranking member of the Judiciary Committee. All are anti-gun.

We have a report that gun sales have dropped since Trump was elected. Sales had been rising before the election, due to fears of Hillary’s gun control proposals. What this indicates is only that buyers don’t know how to use principles of economics.


Hattiesburg’s mayor, Johnny DuPree, is a member of Bloomberg/Everytown’s illegal Mayors Against Guns group.

  • The NYPD said it is boosting security for the upcoming Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade after a recent ISIS threat that advertised the parade is an “excellent target.”

Don’t go stupid places….

  • Riverside Church in NYC, jointly affiliated with the American Baptist Association and the United Church of Christ, has teamed up with Bloomberg’s Everytown group and professional community organizers to fight against your guns.

Two notes:

  1. Baptist churches are independent, although typically a member of one of the various Baptist associations, which are themselves independent of each other and of the generic “Baptist” denomination.
  2. We don’t know how a church can affiliate with two different denominations.
  • The Brady Bunch gave Katie Couric its “Bear Award” for her “Under the Gun” faked and discredited documentary over which she faces a $12 million defamation suit, and during the making of which staffers likely committed federal gun felonies.

Department of Idiocy

In an email letter drafted by assistant psychology professor Noelle Hurd and signed by a group of 469 professors and students at the University of Virginia, they are calling for the school’s president to stop quoting school founder Thomas Jefferson, on the grounds that Jefferson was a slave owner. The quotes reportedly are patriotic and not racist in nature.

So, if they are so anti-Jefferson, why are they at his school?

Meanwhile, staffers at the University of Michigan Law School have canceled a scheduled a post-presidential election event entitled “Post-election Self-care with Food and Play,” featuring play dough (sic), bubbles and Legos. For adult university law students, who pay $150k + for their “education” there.

You can’t make this stuff up.

Meanwhile in Chester, PA, milquetoast residents are all in a tizzy about a gun shop’s billboard advertisement featuring a woman firing a rifle, because the sign is in a school zone. So apparently they want gun-billboard-free zones.

A Maine woman was shot five times by a man who was trying to save her from an assault by her boyfriend. The shooter has not been charged with a crime.

An 11-year-old Broward County, Florida middle school honor student has been suspended for six days for bringing a child-safe butter knife to her school and cutting a peach to share at lunch. The knife came from a utensil set for toddlers, made for children to learn how to eat properly.

The Only Ones

  • An unidentified 20-year veteran Bay County, Michigan, Sheriff’s deputy who acts as the school resource officer at Bay City Western High and Middle School in Auburn, fired his Sig Sauer .380 backup pistol while inside a room by himself. We don’t know why. The bullet passed through at least one wall and struck a female teacher in the neck area but did not break the teacher’s skin and she was uninjured. The school then went into “lockdown,” for no reason while pretty much everybody blamed the gun.
  • Police reports indicate that off-duty NYPD Officer Donald Vale flew into a fit of road rage after a woman cut him off in traffic in Long Island, pursued the woman and threatened her with a gun this week. Vale, a 14-year veteran of the NYPD, admitted to going after the woman, and was charged with menacing and suspended pending the outcome of his case. Vale is a member of the NYPD’s Character Assessment Section, which is responsible for vetting recruits coming into the department.

Criminal cops

The US Department of Justice and the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission have released a report entitled “Advancing Diversity in Law Enforcement.” In part, the report advocates hiring criminals as cops:

“…the use of criminal background checks… …is likely to disproportionately impact racial minority applicants since, for a variety of reasons, individuals from those communities are more likely to have contact with the criminal justice system. …can be a significant – and unwarranted – barrier.”

Concealment for women

Tiffany Johnson CCW Clothing
Magic bullet report

How burglars break in

Most dangerous states

20 Rules for Travel Survival

Oath Keepers Neighborhood Watch Webinar

Tuesday, 7 pm CST.

Florida: Armed citizen saves cop

“[He] refused to get off the officer and the officer kept yelling, ‘shoot him, shoot him, shoot him.'”

We suspect that had this attack happened in Chicago or New York City, the officer would be dead. Also, a lot of reports took care to indicate that the hero citizen was a CCW license holder. But no report indicated that the beaten cop asked to see our hero’s license before begging him to gun down the assailant. That’s how it works.

ATF has revised Form 4473

NRA High Power matches moving

The NRA has proposed to move the Civilian Marksmanship Program High Power matches from Camp Perry, Ohio where they have been held since 1907, to Camp Atterbury in southern Indiana.

Stephen Hunter & TV

The USA Network series, “Shooter,” based on the same-title movie rendition of Stephen Hunter’s 1993 “Point of Impact” book, started running this week on Tuesdays (9 pm CST). It repeats several times. 10 episodes are to be aired. Hunter has a small role in the pilot episode as the owner of a gun shop that main character Bob Lee Swagger visits. The pilot is a re-make of the movie. I found it to be poorly done, with bad acting and gun handling, poor special effects, and bad technical details. One reason Hunter’s excellent books are popular is that he gets the details right. That did not translate to the TV show. It’s produced by Democrat felon Marky Mark Wahlberg, so there’s the problem.

Hunter also has another book to be published in May, “G-Man,” which is set in 1934 and tells the story of Swagger’s grandfather, Charles F. Swagger, and the FBI wars with motorized bank robbers.

If you’re not up on Hunter’s books about Swagger, get started.


Remember the venison sandwich offered in select Arby’s test markets in Tennessee, Georgia, Minnesota, Michigan and Pennsylvania? It was released as part of the restaurant’s “Meats Season” campaign, which corresponds with the start of hunting season.

The three-day supply sold out in 90 minutes or less, everywhere.

World’s oldest revolver, made in 1597 in Germany

And in case you’re wondering, it was probably illegal in Austria, because that country had a ban on wheel lock firearms (as concealable assassination weapons) around 1517-1518.


Artist and retired country music star Holly Dunn (Daddy’s Hands) died this week of a rare, very aggressive type of ovarian cancer at the age of 59. Although not exactly gun-related, I’m including her here because she was one of my favorites, and because she once took my NRA cap off my head, made pro-NRA and pro-gun comments (she carried a .38), and wore my NRA cap herself while performing in a concert.


  • Ultimate Arms’ Magna T5 1911 pistols, with magnesium frames, are LIGHT. A standard, steel, 5″ 1911 weighs around 36-39 oz. An aluminum-framed 5″ 1911 weighs about 32-33 oz. The 5″ T5 weighs 22 oz.
  • Wilson Combat has introduced a new finish for their firearms called Combat-Tuff, basically a two stage, two color, Armor-Tuff finish with a distressed, well-used look. Seven color combinations are offered. Or, you can just not pay extra and wear your own finish down.
  • Winchester Repeating Arms now has its polished brass receiver “Yellow Boy” tubular magazine 1866 Short Rifle chambered in .44-40 Win. and .38 Spl. Marble Arms folding-ladder rear sight and a gold-bead front sight. $1,300.
  • New IMR powders for 2017:
    • IMR Target — A fast-burning pistol powder. This fine-grained, small-flake pistol powder meters superbly, providing very precise loads in even the smallest pistol cartridges like the .25 ACP.
    • IMR Red — An efficient, clean-burning, 12-gauge target powder. Also performs nicely in various lead pistol target loads, such as match competition loads and Cowboy reduced loads.
    • IMR Green — Slightly slower-burning than IMR Red, making it an ideal Trap Handicap powder and soon a favorite with Sporting Clays enthusiasts.
    • IMR Unequal — Combines small-sized flakes for uniform metering in all pistol applications and its burn speed accommodates a wide range of shotshell and pistol cartridges.
    • IMR Blue — The slowest burn speed of the five new propellants, IMR Blue has excellent application for heavy 12-gauge 2-¾”, 3″ and 3-1/2″ field loads.
    • Do not confuse these with the similar-sounding Hodgdon’s Varget or Alliant’s Unique, Red Dot, Green Dot, or Blue Dot powders.
  • The MEC Marksman is a single stage metallic cartridge reloading press made of cast iron and suitable for cartridges up to .416 Rigby, using standard 7/8-14 dies. The press has a patent pending shell holder that is self centering. MEC also says it will offer a powder measure, powder trickler, case prep tools, powder scale and other tools, as well as cartridge components.


My quote last week, “To anger a conservative, lie to him. To anger a liberal, tell him the truth,” was attributed to Teddy Roosevelt, but I have received an opinion that there is no proof that Teddy actually said that. My apologies for the inaccuracy.

Quotes for the Week

“As I watch the riots around the nation, I wonder who is ‘deplorable’ now?” — Don Hull

“Don’t help the bad guy by shootin’ yourself.” — Bill McGregor

“I know many of you are scared of guns, but just think of them like fire extinguishers, but for murderers.” — Larry Correia

“The congress of the United States possesses no power to regulate, or interfere with the domestic concerns, or police of any state: it belongs not to them to establish any rules respecting the rights of property; nor will the constitution permit any prohibition of arms to the people; or of peaceable assemblies by them, for any purposes whatsoever, and in any number, whenever they may see occasion.” — St. George Tucker’s Blackstone

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