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2A News: July 8, 2016 Newsletter by Jeff Pittman


A 3-judge panel of the US Court of Appeals for the 5th Circuit unanimously rejected the plaintiff’s arguments in Hollis v. Lynch, which sued the Justice Dept. to try to overturn the legal ban on new machine guns. The panel (led by Mississippi’s Judge Leslie H. Southwick) said that “machine guns are not protected arms under the Second Amendment,” that “Today … ordinary military weaponry is far more advanced than the weapons typically found at home and used for (self)-defense,” and that machine guns are “dangerous and unusual,” and nothing like what militias might have used at the founding of the republic.

You mean like TVs, computers, ball-point pens, power tools and automobiles are nothing like they used 240 years ago? Actually, the argument that the military uses different weapons EXACTLY supports the plaintiff’s case, not the government’s, since the Second Amendment protects weapons useful for a militia.



Assault Musket
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Judge Anna Brown of the United States District Court for Oregon says the process surrounding the federal government’s “no-fly list” is unconstitutional, because it doesn’t give Americans on the list an effective way to challenge their inclusion. Well, duh. Due process and all that.

Legislation / Antics

The Congressional Black Caucus (CBC) again disrupted the US House this week in a continuation of Democratic antics protesting the lack of congressional “action to stop gun violence. Last week the CBC said its members should be “as disruptive to Speaker [Paul] Ryan [R-Wis.] as possible next week” as part of a “day of action on the floor in regards to gun violence,” in a memo sent to Democratic offices.

Let’s see… obstruction of justice… treason… violation of their oath….

And CNN reports that House Democrats are planning to oppose their demanded “No Fly, No Buy” legislation now being proposed by “Republicans” and projected for a vote this week.

California’s new raft of anti- gun and ammo laws

And reports indicate Californians are buying thousands of AR’s and vowing non-compliance with the new laws. Go figure.



It seems that Susanna Blount, the teenage daughter of Hinds County, MS state senator David Blount (D), who himself claims to be pro-gun and NRA-endorsed, will be a delegate at the Democratic National Convention, supporting Hillary, a gun-banner.

Meanwhile, FBI Director James Comey announced this week that it will not recommend that any criminal charges be filed against Hillary in her State Department email scandal despite her being “extremely careless” with classified documents and lying repeatedly, because, the FBI says, no federal prosecutor has the backbone to press charges against her. But Comey also said it is “a felony to mishandle classified information either intentionally or in a grossly negligent way,” and “to be clear, this is not to suggest that in similar circumstances, a person [other than Hillary] who engaged in this activity would face no consequences.”

“All animals are equal, but some animals are more equal than others.” (A proclamation by the pigs who control the government in the 1945 novel Animal Farm, by George Orwell. The sentence is a comment on the hypocrisy of governments that proclaim the absolute equality of their citizens but give power and privileges to a small elite.)

Hillary - textual relations

“Gunny” Ermey talks about Hollywood blackballing

The only real news here is that Ermey, now an NRA director, voted for ultra-liberal gun-grabber Barack Hussein Obama.


James Pearce, an adjunct (henceforth known as “junk”) professor at Southern State Community College in Ohio is under investigation for threatening via Facebook to shoot up the NRA:

“Look, there’s only one solution. A bunch of us anti-gun types are going to have to arm ourselves, storm the NRA headquarters in Fairfax, VA, and make sure there are no survivors. This action might also require coordinated hits at remote sites, like Washington lobbyists. Then and only then will we see some legislative action on assault weapons. Have a nice day.”


  1. Facebook bans positive, legal, gun related stuff, but apparently doesn’t ban massacre threats.
  2. Can you say irony? — “A bunch of us anti-gun types are going to have to arm ourselves…”
  3. “Legislative action” has already banned what he plans, and criminalizes the conspiracy of planning such acts. See how well that worked out?
  4. He might want to change his name to Custer.


Knife vs. gun

In East Ridge, TN, a robber armed with a knife who had taken an employee hostage after stealing cash and cigarettes at a gas station was shot and killed when a customer retrieved a gun from his vehicle and shot him in the chest. (One MAJOR mistake by the hero — he left his gun in his car. — JP)

Knife vs. guns, again

“He decapitated the first gunman, slit the throat of second and killed another with a third blow. He then sliced away at three others. The IS gunmen fled in panic…”

Those kukri knives are very effective, and handy in each vehicle, in case you need to cut some “brush” nearby.

The Only Ones

  • US Border Patrol agent Joel Luna has been indicted for murder in connection with a drug cartel beheading of a snitch in south Texas. Our report also indicates that more than 130 officers employed by US Customs and Border Protection have been caught in alleged acts of mission-compromising corruption over the past decade.
  • In New Jersey, a man allegedly used an unidentified off-duty Paterson police officer’s firearm to commit suicide during a Fourth of July house party at the officer’s house in Totowa.

Miranda Lambert’s gun-themed properties close

Country star Miranda Lambert’s “Pink Pistol” boutique and “Ladysmith Bed & Breakfast” in Tishomingo, OK, have closed.

Actual headline:

US Marines To Accept Chubbier Women

I feel so much safer…


Stephen Hunter’s book Point of Impact, and character Bob Lee Swagger, portrayed in the 2007 movie “Shooter,” is becoming a TV series on the USA network starting Tuesday, July 19th (10/9 C).


The Second Amendment Foundation’s 31st annual Gun Rights Policy Conference will be taking place September 23, 24 and 25, 2016 at the DoubleTree Hilton Airport Hotel in Tampa, FL. The conference (and lunch) are free.

Gun Rights Policy Conference

MS Range Open

OFP Match Worx, the new gun range near Carthage, MS, is apparently open for business.


  • Gamo Outdoor SL, an affiliate of New York-based private equity investment firm BRS, along with its US subsidiary, Gamo Outdoor USA, has acquired Daisy Outdoor Products, makers of BB guns since 1886. Daisy claims it’s a “win-win.”
  • Dick’s Sporting Goods, an anti-gun retailer of sporting goods including guns, has apparently acquired the intellectual property assets of bankrupt Sports Authority, along with 31 of the store leases.

NICS checks

The FBI processed more gun background checks last month than in any previous June since the current system went into effect. The agency reported that it processed more than 2.1 million (unadjusted) gun related checks in June, an increase of more than 600,000 (39.8%) over the previous record set last year. The June 2016 NSSF-adjusted NICS figure of 1,140,088 is an increase of 28.6% compared to the June 2015 NSSF-adjusted NICS figure of 886,825. That makes June 2016 the 14th month in a row to see a new background check record.

Because, Democrats.


  • Ed Brown Products has reintroduced the .38 Super cartridge to its 1911 line. Any of the company’s Government and Commander guns can be had in .38 Super, but none will have threaded barrels and all will have stainless steel slides.
  • Ruger now has its SR1911 Lightweight Commander-Style pistol chambered in 9mm Luger. Model 6722. 9+1 capacity. 29.3 oz. $979.
  • Lipsey’s has six new Ruger No. 1 model configurations:
    • 1B Sporter 6.5 Creedmoor, 28″ barrel, blued with walnut furniture.
    • 1S Sporter .35 Whelen, 24″ barrel, blued with walnut furniture.
    • 1S Sporter .44 Magnum, 20″ barrel, blued with walnut furniture.
    • 1V Varmint .243 Win., 26″ barrel, blued with walnut furniture and 1:7.7″ twist.
    • K1RSI International .308 Win., 20″ barrel, stainless with walnut furniture.
    • 1A Light Sporter .275 Rigby, 24″ barrel, blued with walnut furniture and express sights.
  • Applied Ballistics Munitions has announced the release of their 300 Winchester Magnum 215gr Hybrid Target Mission Ready round. This round is loaded with the Berger 30 Caliber 215gr Hybrid Target bullet appropriate for barrels with a 1:9″ or faster twist rate. 3.600″ approximate COAL, 2886 fps.

Quote of the Week

“It’s the Bill of Rights, not the Bill of Needs.” — Alan Gottlieb

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