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Orlando, Correction, Judges, A Vet’s Reply

2A News: June 17, 2016 Newsletter by Jeff Pittman


You’ve seen the news about 49 victims being fatally shot and another 53 being wounded during a mass shooting by a lone perpetrator in a homosexual nightclub in Orlando, FL, early last Sunday morning. Apparently the terrorist was shot at without effect, by at least three Orlando police officers after the shooting started but before the killer re-entered the club and continued shooting over 100 people. There was no further police intervention for 20 minutes. The killings lasted for at least 37 minutes. About THREE HOURS in, police shot and killed him, still in the nightclub. We have a report that it is possible that some of the victims were hit by police bullets.

The killer, an Islamic jihadist (investigated by the government numerous times; twice by the FBI) US citizen with a Florida security officer license and Florida CCW license, passed background checks for both at least 4 times, and bought his guns legally with background checks. He also has been reported to be employed by G4S plc, a very large security company which contracts with various US federal agencies (and which has also transported illegal aliens in custody inside the US to another location inside the US for illicit release). G4S made him complete a “personality inventory” type psych exam due to the repeated FBI interviews.

ISIS has apparently claimed responsibility for the massacre (but we have no report that the terrorist was actually connected to or directed by ISIS, beyond “inspiration”), which happened 3 days after a pro-ISIS group released a hit list with the names of more than 8,000 people, mostly Americans, including more than 600 Floridians, whom they pledged to kill. The left and the media are not calling it Islamic terrorism (though the FBI is).

Note that this was not a “mass shooting,” or “gun violence,” but a terrorist attack.

The terrorist was wearing a white T-shirt in an apparently dimly-lit club, and was using an “AR-style” rifle. That’s a pretty obvious target for any potential victim with the means to target a target. (The rifle used by the terrorist was widely reported by the media to be an AR-15, but it was actually a Sig Sauer MCX carbine.)

Now think about it. By the time a few dozen people get shot, it should have been pretty clear to those next in line what to do and who to do it to. There should have been at least 5 CCW holders in that crowd, given the concealed carry rates (1.3 million) in Florida. But as with all bars in Florida, the club where the massacre happened is a “gun free” zone, even for those with licenses. Right. In other words, fish in a barrel. Just like Paris, et al.

(Also last weekend, singer Christina Grimmie was murdered in a gun-free zone in Orlando.)

The terrorist’s wife said he (and she) may have scouted several alternate locations for his attack, such as Disney properties in the area, which are also “gun free” zones.

Of course the left is calling for more gun control. For a gun-free zone. To disarm the already disarmed fish in the barrel. Hillary Clinton and President Obama, both of whom are constantly surrounded by armed bodyguards, (still) want to ban guns (for everybody else). Like they were banned in Paris? Both Mrs. Clinton and Mr. Obama are whining that he couldn’t prevent the killer, who had no criminal record, from legally purchasing firearms, in spite of having been investigated (and cleared) by the FBI. (Investigated. Not arrested, indicted or convicted, and not currently on a terrorist watch list.) You mean like Hillary is under FBI investigation? You want to give her those nuclear launch codes?

Hillary Clinton

But note that apparently the terrorist could have been deemed a prohibited person and denied legal gun sales due to a domestic violence complaint by his ex-wife, had that been reported and acted upon, without the need for any new laws.

Further, FBI director James Comey told senators during a classified briefing Wednesday that he doesn’t know what legislation would have helped authorities prevent a terrorist attack such as the Orlando massacre.

“There is a simpler solution, as Donald Trump has said many times, if you have somebody shooting back the game’s over. When the shooting started there wasn’t one person in there that wouldn’t have traded everything he owned in the world to have a loaded gun. But these people don’t realize it until they’re in a situation that’s far too late.” — retired Detroit police officer and father of one of the deceased Orlando victims

Mr. Obama also said that the killer had a “Glock which had a lot of clips in it.”

John McCain said President Obama was directly responsible for the massacre.

The ACLU blamed Christians for the attack.

The NY Daily News and the New York Times said it was NRA’s fault.

Me, I blame local school boards, at least in part, for insisting that little Johnny never fight back, no matter what. They have created a nation of helpless victims, whose entire defensive strategy relies on a cell phone to hopefully summon someone else to come do their fighting for them, hopefully in time.

As we noted in last week’s newsletter, issued just one day before the massacre:

“A shoot-out is better than a massacre!” — David M. Bennett

I guess no one was listening.
Don’t go stupid places; don’t do stupid things….

Do you ever disarm to go to places, because they have “security guards” or a sign? What if the guard is the one who starts killing? This perpetrator was reported to have worked as a security guard for the local county court system! Remember that the next time you pass an armed guard while you’re disarmed in a courthouse. And even if they’re not the bad guys, it’s still not secure. What do you do when the killer doesn’t obey the sign? People think that an armed guard running a metal detector gauntlet guarantees safety. Nope. That pretty much just guarantees that he’ll get the first bullet. I do some “security” work myself. Trust me, you are on your own.

This is just the beginning. It’s gonna get worse.

More on massacres

Rules for active killer incidents:

Source: The Trade (click image to enlarge)

WAITING WILL GET YOU KILLEDbetter read this one


A British member of Parliament was shot and stabbed to death this week in England, where guns and knives are banned/restricted. Go figure.


US Rep. Bennie Thompson (D-MS), who has always been a very liberal gun control advocate, said this week that semiautomatic rifles should be banned. Many other liberal/Democrat lawmakers have also jumped up and down on that bandwagon.

California state Senator Isadore Hall called gun owners “crazy, vicious and heartless” and said if you were a gun owner you were responsible for the attack in Orlando and had “a dirty, filthy mouth that needs to be washed with soap.”

Also from California this week, the state Senate voted 28-8 to exempt itself from its evil gun-control laws that apply to the rest of the populace.

NBC’s Tom Brokaw said this week that AR-14 (sic) assault weapons (sic), neither of which exist, should be banned.

Democratic Presidential candidate Bernie Sanders says automatic (sic) weapons should be banned, perpetrating the lie that semiautomatic rifles are the same thing as machine guns.

Near-felon former General Betray-us starts yet another gun ban group: “David Petraeus starts new veterans’ group to PUSH GUN CONTROL

Bill Clinton, surrounded by armed bodyguards, said the Orlando massacre would have been worse if the victims had been armed, but is still himself surrounded by armed guards. Did I mention he’s protected by men with guns?

And joining this crowd is domestic terrorist Bill Ayers: “Bombing Domestic Terrorist Bill Ayers Wants the AR-15 Banned

Portland, Maine restaurateur and true bigot Anne Verrill declared this week, “If you own this gun [an AR-15], or you condone the ownership of this gun for private use, you may no longer enter either of my restaurants…” Note that she’s banning gun owners and even non-gun-owning supporters of gun owners, not guns.

Hunterdon Central Regional High School in New Jersey bans First Amendment and Second Amendment rights in a “self-expression” assignment. Boy do I have a self-expression for them.

“To prohibit a citizen from wearing or carrying a war arm . . . is an unwarranted restriction upon the constitutional right to keep and bear arms. If cowardly and dishonorable men sometimes shoot unarmed men with army pistols or guns, the evil must be prevented by the penitentiary and gallows, and not by a general deprivation of constitutional privilege (sic).” [Wilson v. State, 33 Ark. 557, at 560, 34 Am. Rep. 52, at 54 (1878)]


“Senator Cruz Defends 2A from the Floor of the Senate, Excoriates Obama Terrorism Failures” — Transcript

Take action

Easy emails opposing the raft of proposed federal gun control legislation — I suggest using one or the other, not both.

Also, you can tell the GOP/RNC your ranking of the issues here.


The federal district court in Rhode Island has ruled that the Town of North Smithfield and its police chief violated a gun owner’s constitutionally protected due process rights by illegally seizing and refusing to return his lawfully owned firearms for over six years, without providing a mechanism (other than a lawsuit) by which such seizures could be reviewed and resolved. The decision is Richer v. Parmalee, No. 15-162-M-PAS, 2016 WL 3094487 (D. R.I., June 1, 2016)

A Cook County, IL, judge has dismissed a suit filed by a group of gun control activists against several Chicago-area municipalities to attempt to force them to adopt ordinances to regulate firearms licensees, because, they claimed, failure to adopt such rules violated the US Civil Rights Act because violence disproportionately jeopardizes those living in Chicago’s poorest areas. The judge ruled that the plaintiffs failed to identify a legal basis to link the regulation of FFLs to Chicago violence.


Regarding the debacle surrounding the “Under The Gun” program by filmmaker Stephanie Soechtig and executive producer Katie Couric, we have word that the actual gun purchases allegedly made by a producer (a non-prohibited Colorado resident) from an unlicensed private seller in Arizona without the involvement of an FFL, may actually have been legal for the buyer as long as the buyer didn’t transport the guns back to Colorado. There is, however, a prohibition of interstate transport back into one’s state of residence, and there is a prohibition for anyone to make such a sale to a nonresident (except long guns from an FFL). So the seller would be breaking the law, even if the buyer isn’t.

Apparently one can purchase a pistol in any nonresident state (if the seller is willing to break the law to sell it, and FFLs check for that), and transport it into any other nonresident state, but cannot bring it into one’s home state. Go figure. My apologies to Ms Couric and Ms Soechtig for the apparent error in accusing them of apparent criminal activity. Perhaps they only set up the sellers for the crime, instead of committing one themselves. But I might be wrong — I’m not a lawyer. Is conspiracy to trick someone else to violate the law a crime? (They did still fake the program and cut John Lott’s segment.)

Relevant US Code: https://www.law.cornell.edu/uscode/text/18/922

About those MS judges

From Rick Ward:


How to carry a gun in MS

Thank you for your service: a ‘Nam vet’s candid reply

Thank you for your service: a ‘Nam vet’s candid reply

Academy Sports, again.

And I was just fixing to buy some stuff from them.

BREAKING: Academy Sports Pulling Modern Sporting Rifles From Shelves

Daniel Defense has announced it will no longer sell firearms to Academy Sports due to its bigoted decision to segregate black rifles by removing them from their website and in-store displays, and asked its distributors to “place Academy Sports on a Do Not Sell list for all Daniel Defense products and terminate any shipments to their stores or distribution centers.”

Advice from burglars

Girls and guns.


  • Last week we reported with skepticism, the announcement by Ranger Scientific that it was going to produce ammunition twice as accurate as any production currently available. Here’s the scoop on this upstart company.
  • 782805-range-rack-callouts-featuresRuger is now offering BX-25 magazines (for the 10/22) with a clear side panel.
  • Black Hills Ammo is starting to produce some defensive pistol ammo using Lehigh Defense Xtreme Defense (solid copper, externally fluted) bullets.

Quote of the Week

“It’s simpler to stop an army than one person who’s acting alone and not afraid to die.” — former Secret Service agent

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