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January 15, 2016 Newsletter


The Bonidy case (gun possession in USPS parking lot) is being appealed.

The Second Amendment Foundation has filed a federal lawsuit against the Oklahoma Department of Human Services on behalf of two state residents whose civil rights have been deprived under color of law because agency rules prohibit them from acting as foster parents while legally possessing functional firearms for personal protection. The plaintiffs claim the rule violates the right to bear arms found in the Second Amendment and the equal protection provisions in the 14th Amendment. They also state in the suit that it violates the Oklahoma Constitution.

A federal judge has agreed to further delay the class-action settlement involving about 7.5 million allegedly defective Remington rifles, after the litigants said they need more time to develop a better plan to alert the public. The rifles involved are the Model 700 family with the Walker trigger system, which the suit alleges allows the rifles to fire without the trigger being pulled. The settlement provides for an upgraded replacement trigger assembly.

US District Judge Ortrie Smith in Missouri ordered the company and plaintiffs’ lawyers to go back to the drawing board, because only 2,327 gun owners out of more than 7 million had submitted claims since the tentative settlement was first announced.

The judge gave the parties until this Friday to come up with a better plan to notify the public, but in a motion this week, they said they need more time, citing “the complexity of the issues,” and “the need to work with one or more third parties” to come up with the new plan.

The judge agreed to give both sides another 45 days, until Feb. 29.


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A “terrifying new class of knife” apparently popular with gangs in Britain’s unarmed cities has triggered calls for a big knife ban in the UK. The knives are so-called “zombie killer” serrated weapons with long blades inspired by horror films. I suppose they will ban files and leaf springs next.

(Today in the UK, there is a crucial shortage of police officers who are willing to be assigned to one of the critically necessary, and expanding, “armed” units, because in every OIS in the UK, no matter how righteous and reasonable, involved officers are viciously second-guessed and denigrated in the press, often prosecuted criminally, and have their lives and careers promptly ruined.)

ATF actions

New ATF Guidance on Gun Sales is Legally Meaningless or Else it would be Unlawful

ATF ruling on Trusts

Download the pdf document here.

ATF final lost and stolen in transit rule (requires FFLs to report as lost or stolen in transit firearms that have already left their inventory).



Former US Rep. Gabby Giffords (D-AZ), whose primary occupation now is pushing for gun control, is expected to endorse Hillary for the Democratic nomination for president. The Brady Bunch is also reportedly lining up an endorsement for Hillary. So is the mother of a certain deceased homicidal felon.

“More than any candidate on either side of the aisle, she has the experience, record, and demonstrated commitment to help reach the Brady Campaign’s goal…” — Dan Gross, Brady Bunch President

“Any right that requires you to take extraordinary measures to access it is no right at all.” — Hillary Clinton, last Sunday during an appearance before a national abortionists group, to get their endorsement.


“Look, the Second Amendment is not an option. It is not a suggestion. It is a right of every American to protect themselves and their families…” — Marco Rubio

Former NRA president Marion Hammer says GOP candidate Marco Rubio “has not been a friend to gun owners,” and described Rubio as a man who talked pro-gun when the cameras were rolling but worked in ways that hurt pro-gun legislation behind the scenes.


Duck Commander Phil Robertson endorsed Ted Cruz for president.

EPA, FDA stocking up on body armor during President Obama’s watch

Details here.

The Disarmed Forces

Being tried for and convicted of treason isn’t enough. The traitors who pull these stunts should also be hanged. (H/T John Farnam)

Et tu, Marcus?

Former Navy SEAL Marcus Luttrell, who was the subject of the movie “Lone Survivor,” agrees with President Obama’s “universal” background check (and gun registration) proposal.

MS Governor

Mississippi Governor Phil Bryant (R), long considered a friend of gun owners, was inaugurated for his second and final term as governor this week. Reports indicate that his speech paid homage to gun rights (“As Governor, I defend it [the 2nd Amendment] with unyielding dedication.”) and that part was well accepted by legislators on both sides of the aisle. But many, if not most, state buildings under Bryant’s control have posted “no guns” signs on his watch, and in many cases the signs falsely proclaim that gun carry which is legal by statute is prohibited on state property.

Actions speak louder than words. A few words every now and then and signing the occasional pro-gun bill that has already passed both houses of the legislature does not mean much. But having your department heads and building managers — who are appointed by and answer to you — post “no guns” signs in public places where guns are legal, is telling. And it’s hardly “defending with unyielding dedication.”

Dallas Catholics

Many Catholics in Dallas, TX, are taking offense with Bishop Kevin Farrell, whose Dallas Diocese forbids parishioners from bringing guns — legally openly carried or concealed — to their churches. Apparently the Bishop uses a different Bible than we do.


Meanwhile in the gun-banners’ paradise of Chicago, 110 people were shot, 17 killed in the first 10 days of 2016.


Hollyweird stars (some of whom made millions from violent movies) who hate guns (and you). See the list at the bottom:

Also in the news this week is the fact that these celebrities enjoyed protection from armed guards at the Golden Globe awards. But according to them, your life isn’t that valuable. has banned flash hiders, muzzle brakes and recoil compensators from being sold on its site.


“The Second Amendment says you can limit who can own a gun.” — Vice President “Shotgun” Joe Biden


John Davis, Creek County (OK) Sheriff, recently lowered the fee for CCW permit fingerprints from $25 to $10. He says he is not allowed to reduce it to zero. From

In a letter from Sheriff John Davis posted on the Sheriff’s Office’s Facebook page, he wrote “As a result of the ever-increasing violence being committed upon the American citizen and the current state of our country, I encourage each citizen of Creek County who is legally able to fully utilize their Second Amendment right ‘to keep and bear arms,’ as legally prescribed by the Self-Defense Act.”

Should have been a DGU

From NYC, another bastion of gun control: “Teen girl gang raped at NY playground while father forced away at gunpoint

You know, if that was attempted in my neighborhood, I’m pretty sure there would have been a mess of dead perps.

The Only Ones

Lewis and Clark County, MT, Deputy Sheriff Phillip Jay Clark, 49, was arrested on an assault with a weapon charge after being accused of hitting and pulling a gun on another man while drunk at a party.

Curtiss Davis, a Special Agent for the US Army’s Criminal Investigation Division and former member of the SecDef’s security detail (also see “Disarmed Forces,” above), was arrested last month for allegedly pulling out his gun at a restaurant because he didn’t like the bill. Now we learn that Davis also allegedly exposed himself to a 21-year-old employee and asked her to perform a sex act. After an investigation, Davis has now been charged with abduction, extortion, exposure and attempted forcible sodomy.

Not only does ATF sell guns to Mexican criminals, they also lose a lot of guns.

2015 records

2015 was a record year for the National Instant Checks System (NICS), and for firearm sales. The previous record year was in 2013, with 21,093,271 background checks completed through NICS, when President Obama tried hard to pass strict gun control and was rewarded with the title “Gun Salesman of the Year.” 2015 is now the highest year on record, beating out 2013 with an increase of nearly 10% with 23,141,970 NICS background checks. 8 of the 12 months of the year also set all time records.

428 lb Mississippi pig (nope, not a certain city councilman)


Ammo —

Old doesn’t mean ineffective.

.500 S&W and 700 grain ammo video

Industry news

Remington Arms Co. turns 200 years old later this year. It’s America’s oldest gun company.

Meanwhile, Winchester/US Repeating Arms turns 150 years old this year.

Colt Defense LLC said this week that it has completed its financial restructuring and reduced its debt (by $200 million), “improved its capital structure, and enhanced its liquidity profile.” Apparently Colt was able to complete the deal and get it blessed by a judge after its top financial stakeholder, Sciens Capitol, failed to provide a promised $15 million in cash last month. Colt is 161 years old, though it’s predecessor company was founded 180 years ago.

Products (SHOT is next week — more products then)

2016 ammo announcements here

Winchester is offering a collectible set of 150th Anniversary ammunition products that features classic Winchester artwork and embossed packaging. Offerings include 150-gr. .270 Win., 150-gr. 30-30 Win. and 200-gr. 44-40 Win, as well as a 12-gauge shotshell with No. 2 steel shot.

Winchester’s M-22 Subsonic round features a 45-gr. black-plated lead round nose bullet with the same energy as a 36-gr. full-velocity .22 round. The M-22 Subsonic measured 129 dB of sound intensity while a full-velocity .22 rimfire round fired from the same unsuppressed rifle measured 138 dB.

Winchester’s new .17 WSM Power Core round features a 20-gr. solid copper hollow-point bullet at 2,875 fps.

Nosler has announce the new .30 Nosler cartridge, which uses the same parent case as the .26 and .28 Nosler cartridges, is basically a .300 Weatherby the length of a .300 Winchester. Initial loads include a 180gr AccuBond @ 3200fps and a 210gr AccuBond LR @ 3000fps (26″ barrel). Since we were so desperate to fill that .30 magnum gap in our available cartridge lineup, I suppose.

Smith & Wesson has a new pistol called the SW22 Victory, a 5.5″-barreled .22 LR target gun to replace S&W’s previously discontinued Model 22A guns. The base SW22 Victory is $409, while threaded barrel and camo models are $429 and $459, respectively. Volquartsen already has stainless steel I-fluted and carbon fiber THM tension barrels available for it.

Springfield Armory has two new suppressor ready XD(M) handguns. The new 4.5″ barrel models chambered in 9mm and .45 ACP feature extended pre-threaded barrels and extra-tall suppressor height sights.

Merkel has introduced the Merkel 40E field-grade side-by-side shotgun, basically a working-man’s plain version of the 47E. The new 40E is available in 12- and 20-gauge with either double triggers or a single-selective trigger and the choice of a straight, English-style stock or a pistol-grip stock. A 28-ga. version with a single-nonselective trigger and built on the 20-gauge frame is also available in limited quantities. The integral chokes are Improved Cylinder and Modified. 6.2#, $4,595.

EAA has a polymer 1911 .45 that weighs 28 oz. in the 5″ version.

Armscor has a Colt Detective Special type revolver called the M200, based roughly on the classic Colt design. It features a half-shroud heavy 4″ barrel, soft polymer grips and Parkerized finish. $270.

The SRM Model 1216 shotgun is a bullpup design recoil operated semiauto with a rotary, detachable high capacity magazine (4 tubes) holding a total of 16 rounds of either 2-3/4 or 3 inch shotshells. Short NFA versions also available. Reports indicate there may be reliability issues.

Stevens by Savage Arms has its first-ever semi-automatic shotgun, the 12-gauge S1200. It is inertia operated, available with a walnut, camouflage (Shadow Grass or Bottomland) synthetic or black matte synthetic stock and a 26- or 28-inch vent-rib steel barrel (3″ chamber) that accepts the Beretta Mobilchoke system. 5+1 capacity, 6.6 lbs. $573-685.

Magnum Research has two new models, the Desert Eagle L5 and L6, which are light weight versions. The new Mark XIX L5 in .357 Magnum has a 5″ barrel and weighs 2 lbs. 9 oz. without the 9-round magazine. $1,790. The .50 AE Mark XIX L6 weighs 3 lbs. 7 oz. $2,054. The new lightweight Desert Eagles take the same magazines as the current steel models.

Timney has its new Targa 2-Stage trigger for AR rifles and the 2-Stage Straight trigger for Remington Model 700 rifles.

The Targa 2-Stage Straight trigger has a first stage pull weight of 8 oz. and 1 lb. second stage. The second stage can also be adjusted, from 8 oz. to 2.5 lbs. It is easily installed with no screws, drilling, or tapping required. Just remove existing pins, replace the trigger, and re-insert the existing pins. $196.

The AR Targa 2-Stage Trigger is also a self-contained, 100% drop-in unit with a 3 lb. first stage and a 2 lb. second stage. $229.

Alliant’s new temperature-insensitive Reloder 16 powder’s burn rate is slightly faster than that of Reloder 17, well within the 4350 burn speed band, making it well-suited for popular cartridges such as .30-06 and .270 Win., as well as 6.5mm target loads and tactical applications where temperature stability is required. It also contains a proprietary de-coppering additive to diminish copper fouling in rifle bores, contains no DNT or DBP and is made in Sweden for Alliant Powder.

Alliant’s new Blue MZ™ muzzleloader propellant consists of 50-grain equivalent pellets which produce higher velocities than competing pellets at safe pressures and ignite reliably with 209 shotshell primers.

Hodgdon’s new IMR-4955, in its Enduron series, is suitable for the .25-06 through .300 Win Mag family of cartridges.

Lyman’s new Bleacher Loading Block is a polymer block with rows stepped like stadium bleachers. The steps permit handier access to cases in the back rows. $8.

Korth has a 9mm conversion kit for S&W L Frame revolvers. No price yet.

The AK-50 “Leviathan” is what it sounds like – an AK-style rifle on steriods, chambered in .50 BMG. No word yet on production or availability, and it may be a one-time build.

Accuracy International’s AX50 long range anti matérial rifle is apparently an upgrade of its AW50.

Vortex Optics’ new rubber Defender Flip caps for scopes have stainless steel springs and pins, 3 ocular stop positions (vertical, 45 degrees, and 270 degrees forward with lock), 2 objective stop positions with locks. Available for eyepieces 40-46mm outside diameter and objectives approximately 48 through 66 outside diameter.

Vortex’s new Dope Disks™ are little round notes customizable with user-specific ballistic data which fit directly into the underside of the eyepiece cap.

Sure-Shot Game Calls, manufacturer of the world champion Yentzen duck call, first introduced the Triple Reed, Model #700 Duck Call in 1968. Now the new improved Triple Reed is back in their Classic Duck Call Series. $65.


“‘Safe Rooms’ are the last, pathetic, contemptible line of defense of frightened, passive white people against uncontrolled crime. The first and best defense is a culture that doesn’t commit crime and slams hard any intruding criminal. But this is racism. The second is a Ruger Redhawk and the will to use it, but if the remains are of the wrong color it’s a hate crime. Gated communities are subject to being found racist and forced to let in inner-city hunter-gatherers at subsidized rent. That leaves Safe Rooms.” — Fred Reed

“Do people who are always demanding that there be more ‘training’ for police ever say that hoodlums with whom police have to deal should have had more training by their parents, instead of being allowed to grow wild, like weeds?” — Thomas Sowell

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