USM Professor Anestis gun-control ‘study’

Remember University of Southern MS psycho professor Michael Anestis, Ph.D., who recently published a pro-gun-control psychological “study?” He’s at it again. Now he says that “In our state’s older adult males — the demographic with the highest suicide rate in the U.S. — more than 90 percent of the suicide deaths between 2007 and 2013 resulted from firearms.”

His solution? Gun locks and letting a friend keep the guns. Yeah, that’ll work for older adult males. I didn’t know Cracker Jack boxes had Ph.D.s in them.

About those anti-gun “studies”

A team of 270 scientists attempted to replicate 98 anti-gun studies published in some of psychology’s most prestigious journals by conducting 100 attempts at replication but only 39% of the studies could be replicated unambiguously.”


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