Gun free zones. Not gun free zones.

Gun free zones

Why would you need a gun at a ball game?

“This is the third time this month a robbery victim in the city has been shot after handing over their possessions to the thief.” (source)

Why not present everyone demanding you disarm on their premises with one of these, and watch them come up with all kinds of disingenuous excuses (lies) for not signing it?


___________________________ agrees that a legally-binding special relationship exists with ___________________________ while on our premises. Because we have required him/her to be unarmed, we hereby agree to assume responsibility for his/her personal safety and protection, and admit and accept liability should we fail in this duty.


Or, as David Codrea noted, you might point out the bigotry of the signs. Remember the “No Negroes/Coloreds Allowed” signs? Well now we have “No Guns Allowed” signs. Same concept.

Not gun free zones

“Four teenagers were in custody Monday in connection with an attempted home invasion in Hewitt (TX) that was thwarted when the former Marine whose home the teens targeted opened fire through the front door at the would-be intruders.” (source)


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