Nassau County prosecutors not permitted to own guns?

The jack-booted thugs in the Nassau County, NY District Attorney’s office stipulate that “Assistant district attorneys [prosecutors] are not permitted to apply for a handgun permit nor own or possess a handgun while employed by the Nassau County District Attorney. Any exception to this policy must be in writing and approved by the District Attorney.”

This includes guns at home or other places unconnected with the job.

The DA says that the policy of “asking” prosecutors to disarm and quit hunting and shooting is “to ensure the safety and comfort of staff, victims, and witnesses, and is consistent with other district attorney’s offices in the New York City metropolitan area.”

Apparently New York lawyers don’t know anything about the Constitution or civil rights. One wonders if NY prosecutors are also prohibited from voting, owning a Bible, going to church, or accessing legal counsel of their own.

But I suspect this situation won’t last, because all the prosecutors will be dead. Or, the leftists will add this prohibition to a wide range of public jobs, and private ones as well.

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