Gun-free zones – myth

Officials say a man with a machete injured two people during an attack in a wooded area of the University of Arkansas campus in Fayetteville last week. No one involved is believed to be a student. One of the victims was in critical condition and the suspect was also injured in the incident. Officials say the attack happened in the same gun-free area as a homicide earlier this year.

John Mackey’s Whole Foods has banned its patrons from exercising their Second Amendment rights in their stores since the turn of the century. The ban on self protection seems to have failed last week in an Oakland, CA store where a customer was violently attacked by one of the store’s own security guards.

Meanwhile in the Democrat capital of Chicago, homicides are up 23% so far this year over last year, which was itself up 17% — 8 killed and 46 injured last weekend. Authorities are blaming guns — you know, the ones you can’t have there, like you can in all the rest of the country where homicides are down.


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