MS instruction: Precision Shooting Center

Precision Shooting Center (formerly Sherman Hill) at Forest, MS has announced the following:

Beginning in Oct. we will offer one Tactical Course of Fire (no instruction other than Safety and Range Rules). Oct. is Handguns, Nov. is Rifles, and Dec. is Shotguns. And in Jan. we start all over.

These three ranges now have Running Targets, Military Pop-Up Reactive Silhouettes, metal gongs, and shooting positions made with crossties. The Handgun and Rifle Courses may be shot by one person for score and time or by two people competing at the same time. The Shotgun Course can be shot by only one person at a time.

Cost per course is $29. Groups must have 10 but no more than 15 participants. Active Law Enforcement and Active, Reserve, and NG military SHOOT FREE. Pre-registration is required.

A Tactical Class in Handgun, Rifle, and Shotgun will be offered once each month beginning in January.

Also beginning in January at Precision Shooting Center are one-day seminars once a month by LTC Pat Cronin, MHP ret; CPT Philip Hemphill, MHP,ret; and MSG Dan Rawlinson, MHP, active. These three men are all World and National Handgun Champions. The seminars will include classroom lecture, discussion, and demonstration. Range firing will include demonstrations and coaching each participant. Cost is $295 for each seminar. A country buffet lunch at Penn’s Restaurant is included.

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