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Scott Turner, 42, an Oregon instructor conducting firearms training for law enforcement, was seriously (life-threatening) injured when he was hit by “shrapnel” (sic) after a Tannerite target went off as part of an “entertainment” display. Apparently a pound of Tannerite was behind a car door, which became dangerous projectiles in the explosion, while the Turner stood 35 to 40 yards away, playing with his phone. Turner said he will no longer allow exploding targets to be used after his courses. Well, if you don’t ban idiocy, I guess you ban objects.

Read and follow the instructions.

“He picked up the case without inspecting it, he told sheriff’s deputies. He also stated that he failed to follow the team’s normal safety protocol.”

The Save Yourself Survival and Tactical Gear store in tiny Oktaha, OK has a sign that reads: “This privately owned business is a MUSLIM FREE establishment, we reserve the right to refuse service to anyone. Thank you.” A man “guarding the store from Muslims” dropped his gun and it went off, shooting him in the arm. Maybe he should have taken his chances with peaceful Muslim customers, if there are any in the town of 390 people.


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