Donald Trump. Disarmed iPhone. Lion killing. 6.5 tons of ammunition.

Presidential wannabe Donald Trump claims to have a CCW permit and to be a “pro-gun Republican,” and even recently stated, “We have to get rid of that whole gun-free zone nonsense and just stop it. We gotta stick up for the Second Amendment.”

Trump doesn’t allow guns, even with permits, in some of his properties.

Which makes Trump fit right in with the Republican Party, another “gun free” zone.

Gun ban group New Yorkers Against Gun Violence wants to disarm the iPhone by pressuring Apple’s CEO to remove a gun icon from its emoji catalog. An optional picture of a gun.

An attorney for the fiancée of the well-armed mystery man in Los Angeles whose body was discovered in an SUV says the “6.5 tons of ammunition” police found in the man’s home will likely be destroyed. So far, we have no reports that the man did anything illegal or that any of the guns or ammo found was illegal, which leads us to the conclusion that the police stole the items from the home, as there is no criminal to confiscate them from, and apparently no crime committed. The items belong to whoever inherited them, not to the police.

In response to a single lion killing in Africa (see Dept. of Idiocy above), Delta, American and United airlines have now officially banned their shipment of all LEGAL lion, leopard, elephant, rhinoceros and buffalo trophies worldwide as freight. But of course they aren’t freight companies. UPS still ships whatever’s legal, and FedEx doesn’t ship carcasses, but will ship some parts for taxidermy.


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