Brady Campaign fuming. Chuck E. Cheese refusal.

The Brady Campaign and others loudly criticized the decision by Indiana Gov. Mike Pence (R) to allow free NRA instructors to train state guard members in civilian concealed carry courses, because Gov. Pence “will not allow our citizen soldiers to remain unable to defend themselves and our citizens at facilities around the state.”

(The NRA was formed in 1871 by Union veterans of the War For Southern Independence who were disappointed in the basic shooting skills of Union soldiers during the war, and who wanted to increase the marksmanship ability of soldiers. The NRA has been training National Guardsmen to shoot for more than 140 years, which is longer than the modern National Guard [formed under the Dick Act, or Militia Act of 1903] has existed.)

A Bowling Green, KY, Chuck E. Cheese restaurant refused to serve a police officer wearing a marked police polo shirt. Why? Because he was wearing a sidearm. The company’s national headquarters said that “Our firearms policy does not apply to officers in uniform. We do have a no firearms policy for civilians (sic) and off-duty non-uniformed officers.” Which makes them evil and endangers patrons and employees in their restaurants.


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