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The criminal alien who murdered a woman at random in San Francisco and then claimed that the handgun “just went off” three times on its own, reportedly used a weapon that was stolen from a federal Bureau of Land Management agent’s personal vehicle in downtown San Francisco four days earlier. Reports conflict on whether it was a personal or agency issued firearm, not that it matters.

The accused gunman, Juan Francisco Lopez-Sanchez, has been convicted of multiple felonies and deported to his native Mexico five times and is “suspected” of living in the US illegally when he fatally shot the 32-year-old woman last week while on an evening stroll with her father and a family friend along San Francisco’s popular waterfront area. He told authorities, “So I picked it up and … it started to fire on its own.”

San Francisco, among its legion of other failures, is one of those “sanctuary cities” which embrace criminal aliens while disarming law-abiding citizens. Immigration and Customs Enforcement, which had Lopez-Sanchez in its custody in March after his release from federal prison, turned him over to San Francisco deputies on a drug warrant and requested an immigration detainer, asking that ICE be notified before he was released. But the San Francisco sheriff, citing the city’s “sanctuary city” policy, released Sanchez in April after prosecutors dropped the drug charge, despite the ICE request to hold him for federal authorities so deportation proceedings could begin (again).

Meanwhile, White House press secretary Josh Earnest said regarding the case that the US would be safer if Republican lawmakers had approved comprehensive immigration reform backed by the president. (You mean those reforms opening the borders and not deporting any potential Democrat voters?)

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