Hilary - the irony

Father Pfleger sues. Democrat intern killed in DC. Hillary.

Anti-gun Chicago Roman Catholic Priest Father Michael Pfleger and other gun-banners have filed a lawsuit against the three nearby villages of Riverdale, Lyons and Lincolnwood. In essence, that lawsuit says that black people cannot stop themselves from murdering and stealing, so other people outside Chicago have to keep strict controls on the sale of guns. The suit claims that “the defendant local governments [are] allowing gun shops in their respective jurisdictions to sell guns in a manner that disproportionately jeopardizes the lives of African Americans, causes mental anguish and distress and diminishes the value of their homes and other property.”

A D.C. Metro train passenger who was killed on a train in front of other passengers during a robbery on July 4 was punched until he fell and was then repeatedly stabbed in the chest, abdomen, back, side and arms. Police said after the stabbing, the suspect robbed two other passengers before fleeing when the train reached a stop.

The victim, Kevin Joseph Sutherland, 24, of Northeast, was an intern for Democrat Rep. Jim Himes of Connecticut from May 2010 to August 2010, and August 2012 to December 2012. Rep. Himes is the same gun control zealot who once stated that supporters of the right of armed self-defense have “blood on their hands.”

No Mr. Himes, the blood is on the killer’s hands, and you are what is known as an accessory to murder.

Former (hallelujah!) US Attorney General Eric Holder, who has returned to “practice” law at his old firm, said if Hillary Clinton became president (gasp!) and offered him a seat on the Supreme Court (horrors!), he would turn it down (yay!).

Hey, SCOTUS is screwed up enough already…..

Hillary — the irony:

Hilary - the irony

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