USM junk science, orange violence, UPS & suppressors, 10 most dangerous cities

The University of Southern Mississippi is now on the junk science gun control bandwagon.

The conclusions of the “research” indicating that restrictive gun laws reduce suicides of course don’t agree with other peer-reviewed, statistically valid studies*, which pretty consistently state that gun control laws or regulations DON’T reduce suicide rates. This is partly because the USM psychology professor doesn’t understand the statistical difference between correlation and causation, and it speaks pretty poorly of the university.

*References available on request.

Bloomberg’s groups are now advocating wearing orange to indicate opposition to “gun violence.” We don’t know if they chose orange to show solidarity with convicts or with deer hunters, but either way it makes no sense to me.

We have an unconfirmed rumor that just three weeks after United Parcel Service reiterated its policy against accepting National Firearm Act-compliant suppressors for shipment, the company has reversed its course and will accept the items. More when we have it.

The most recent FBI crime stats show that the 10 most dangerous cities in America with populations above 200,000 are all managed, top to bottom, by Democrats. They are:

  • Detroit
  • Oakland
  • Memphis
  • St. Louis
  • Cleveland
  • Baltimore
  • Milwaukee
  • Birmingham
  • Newark
  • Kansas City.

Notably, most of these cities are also subject to some of the most stringent gun control laws in the nation.


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