Toby Keith. Charleston Mayor Riley. Karl Rove.

Toby Keith update:

Country music star Toby Keith, whose restaurants prohibit the legal carry of defensive firearms, said last week that stricter gun laws would not have made a difference in the Charleston, SC church massacre, but seems to think that only cops should have guns. I wish he’d make up his mind. I don’t buy his opinions or his products.

Charleston, SC Mayor Joseph P. Riley, Jr. (D) said that the lack of gun control in the US was “insane.” But guns are THE most regulated legal product in the country. Every retail gun sale is individually approved by the FBI for that specific buyer. I guess the mayor is an expert on insanity, because he isn’t an expert on guns or gun laws.

Republican strategist Karl Rove said this week that the only way to stop gun-related violence is to repeal Americans’ Second Amendment rights.


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