Ex-Secret Service Agent: Second Amendment Rights “So Important”

Former Secret Service agent and NYC police officer Dan Bongino said this week that Americans’ Second Amendment rights could someday keep us alive against lone wolf terror attacks:

“The police do a wonderful job, so do the federal agents when they can, but the police’s job is to enforce the law.”

“That’s why these self-protection rights, the Second Amendment, the ability to learn to protect yourself and to not be reliant on the law enforcement operation as the first line of defense, is so important. What if these lone wolf attacks in any small business, in any small or large town in the United States, not only do you have the violence potential, but you’re going to shut down possibly that town and you’re definitely going to destroy that person’s business. That’s why all of this, all our freedoms, are so important. I can’t emphasize that enough.”

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