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UPS & suppressors. Donald Trump anti-gun donations

News reports this week indicate that UPS will no longer ship registered firearms suppressors, even between licensees. Suppressors are legal (or soon will be) in 41 states. UPS says that there has been no policy change, and that suppressors have always been excluded, but that “UPS will [continue to] engage in discussions with licensed entities about compliance with all applicable laws and regarding the potential establishment of a contractual exception to the general policy prohibition under which UPS may ship such products. These discussions will occur on a company-by-company basis and are proprietary.”

Potential GOP presidential candidate Donald Trump and his daughter have reportedly donated at least $105,000 to the anti-gun Clinton Foundation, the group behind the Clinton Global Citizen Award, presented to anti-gun billionaire Michael Bloomberg by anti-gun Vice President Joe Biden, for being the “most fierce and most effective advocate that we have on the matter of gun sanity.” (The Clinton Foundation is also currently under fire for alleged corruption and conflicts of interest related to questionable foreign donations and lack of related reporting.)

Over the past decade, Trump has also given massive amounts of money not only to Democrats but the most liberal and most corrupt anti-gun Democrats, such as Charles Schumer, Frank Lautenberg, Ted Kennedy, Harry Reid and Charlie Rangel. He has also given six figures in recent years to the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee, and supported anti-gunner John Kerry in 2004.

political cartoon

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