Recalls by Weatherby, Remington & Gerber

Weatherby has issued a product safety recall for some of its SA-08 28 gauge semiautomatic shotguns. The recall is based on reported incidents of accidental discharges upon closure of the bolt and chambering of a live shell. Affected shotguns are in the serial number range AN00001-AN02802.

A similar recall affects Remington Model 887 shotguns made between December 1, 2013 to November 24, 2014.

Gerber has recalled some Cohort knives due to laceration hazard. Apparently the blade lock has failed on some of these knives causing injury. This recall is also for Canadian sales. Affected are Gerber Model Numbers:

  • 30-000645N
  • 31-002488NDIP
  • 31-001714N
  • 31-002722HDN
  • 31-001714NDIP
  • 31-002885HDN
  • 31-001715N
  • 31-002885HDQP
  • 31-002488N

Home Depot SKU Numbers:

  • 1000044211
  • 1000246978

A product date code appears on the blade beneath the thumb stud on the clip side of the knife. The last figure in the code is a letter, and the recall applies to all Cohort knives with the letters “E” or “F.”

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