You are still on your own

You are on your own

A 25-year-old man broke a window to get in a Denbigh, VA, home where a 31-year-old mother and her toddler daughter were inside. The window was in the child’s playroom.

While police officers were still on their way to the residence after receiving the burglary call, they learned that someone had been shot.

The mom and the child were not injured, but the man was taken to the hospital with injuries that were initially life-threatening, and is now in stable condition.

A Tarrant, AL, homeowner and his son were home when a burglary “suspect” walked into the son’s bedroom while the son was asleep. The son woke up and fired several shots causing the suspect to flee from the house.

The suspect collapsed after running away due to a bullet striking an artery in his leg. According to police, the unidentified male suspect later died. Authorities will later determine if there will be any charges filed. The father and son were not injured during the break-in.

Especially note that the shot in the leg was apparently fatal.

A Hinds County, MS homeowner fired two gunshots to protect herself from an intruder in her kitchen Saturday morning just after 8 a.m. The woman was in a bedroom, and came out to find a man looking through a kitchen cabinet. The intruder was not hurt, but he’s on the run. Deputies are looking for a white male, about 5’8′ tall, with a ponytail. The man was wearing jeans and a plaid shirt and he fled the scene in a white pickup truck.

And a couple of old guys prevail (one video)….

The police, as good as they may be, WILL NOT BE THERE when the attack occurs. But the victim(s) will.

More criminals released

Federal ICE officers released another 30,558 aliens with criminal records in FY 2014, while promising to take steps to cut down on the problem. Technically I suppose they have improved, since they released 36,007 in FY-13.

That’s about 1300 per state, in a two-year period.

You are still on your own.

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