A good attorney + another one

A good attorney

(In case you were wondering if there is such a thing.) Davenport, IA attorney Eric Puryear of Puryear Law P.C. is offering his employees a $50 monthly bonus if they carry a concealed gun into work. Puryear said, “I would hate to have something happen to any employee and think, ‘Gee, if I’d told them about gun ownership and given them the training (for) defending themselves…’ We’ve never had a problem in the office or anything but, just, the world’s a dangerous place.”

Safe safety

Another attorney is reportedly preparing a lawsuit against a gun safe manufacturer who installed a series a halogen puck lights in its line of safes.

Apparently the lights got hot enough to cause “an explosion of gunpowder stored in the safe, resulting in horrible burns x 2 victims.” The attorney is looking for “an expert to say the gun safe maker should have considered that danger in designing/manufacturing the gun safes.”

Well, maybe the manufacturer should have considered that possibility, and certainly the lights shouldn’t get that hot (I would use LEDs), but DON’T STORE POWDER IN A SAFE, or in any other container which could act as a pressure vessel (i.e., pipe bomb). It’s not a good idea to keep ammo in there either.

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