Californistan discriminates against judges and civic groups

The California Supreme Court has banned state court judges from belonging to groups that discriminate on the basis of sexual orientation. It’s the Boy Scouts that they can’t belong to this week, in spite of the group’s caving in to the leftists, but I see no reason the ban wouldn’t prohibit judges from belonging to a Christian church either, although one expert said that the “current state of the law” allows judges to belong to religious groups that discriminate but not secular organizations that discriminate. Look for secular groups to sue on that basis too, and they will be right. And what about groups that discriminate based on age or gender, like the Boy/Girl Scouts, AARP, Little League, schools, etc., not to mention racially discriminatory groups like the NAACP and the California Legislative Black Caucus?

Apparently the Court needs to be educated about a little thing called the US Constitution. But we knew that.

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