Anti-gun enemies want more control

Anti-gun US Senator Robert Menendez (D-NJ) is the subject of a Department of Justice investigation expected to result in criminal corruption charges after Attorney General Eric Holder apparently gave the green light for the DOJ to proceed with the case. Menendez’s supporters claim that the investigation is politically-motivated because the Cuban American lawmaker has recently been vocally critical of fellow gun-banner President Barack Obama and his administration. Impartial observers suspect that the case, as well as the accusations of political impropriety, have merit.

Someone pointed out this week that the background check that Gabby Giffords wants to apply to private gun sales not only was passed by her attacker, but was also failed, twice, by her gun-banner husband, NASA spaceman Mark Kelly.

Col. Bill Badger, US Army (Ret.), who died this week, was also shot (grazed) in the head during the Giffords attack, but was not permanently injured. Badger heroically managed to tackle the killer, helping others hold him down and disarm him before police arrived. Badger and his wife Sallie then embarked on a three-year journey across the country to push for stricter gun laws. “We wanted desperately to have background checks on every gun that was sold,” Sallie Badger said. “And Bill just made that his mission.” Apparently he forgot about that oath to defend the Constitution.

Again, the shooter passed the background check. So why are they pushing for background checks? Because they want the folks who didn’t do it to be restrained.


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