Idiots in the news

A man was arrested and charged with battery after he tackled a 62-year-old customer in a Brandon, FL, Walmart this week, because the victim was (legally) carrying a gun. The assailant was assisted by at least 4 other people, who disarmed the victim. Supposedly the attacker thought the victim was some sort of armed criminal, but we have no information indicating that the attacker had any reason whatsoever to think that. It seems to me that similar charges should also be filed against the accomplices and robbery charges should be added.

The attacker is lucky he only got arrested instead of justifiably dead. If someone is criminally trying to take your gun, there’s a rule for that, because there’s only one reason for a criminal to snatch a gun from a lawful carrier, and that is to use it against him, thus justifying deadly defensive force BEFORE the gun is taken. But I’m not a lawyer.

Oh, and it turns out the attacker is white and the victim is black. Let’s see if the left-wing rabble rousers have anything to say about that. So far no word from stalwart civil rights protectors “Reverends” Al or Jesse.

Shannon Watts, the figurehead of the Michael Bloomberg front group “Moms Demand Action,” whined about this criminal assailant being arrested for attacking the victim. In other words, the demanding mommies, et al, think that violent criminals shouldn’t be arrested for their crimes, as long as the crimes are committed against law-abiding elderly black gun owners.

A homeowner shot Sentinel, OK Police Chief Louis Ross three times in the chest, and once in the arm last week. Three of the bullets were stopped by the chief’s body armor. The homeowner was not hurt and has not been charged, and it seems unlikely that he will be.

Why? The police broke into the home with no warrant and no probable cause. All they had was an anonymous bomb threat phone call from a different address. The kind where you go knock on the doors and ask questions.

The case of Starr v. United States (1894, 153 U.S. 614 196), answered the question, “If a law officer legally serving a warrant shoots at a suspect without identifying himself, is the suspect justified in shooting back and killing the officer in self defense?” The answer is “yes.”

Enemies and Idiots

After an Alabama school made news by sending a letter to parents urging their children to bring canned food to classrooms so they could throw the cans at a shooter in case of an emergency, Gabby Giffords’ idiotic bunch says of the school, “We can stop them.” That’s a quote from Peter Ambler, of Americans for Responsible Solutions, in last week’s email.

So Gabby & company WANTS the school shot up?


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