Another nugget of wisdom from Mike Vanderboegh

“I have a much simpler reason why collectivists like Michael Moore condemn the movie [American Sniper], often without seeing it.

The reason is hardly intellectual nor is it academic – they feel the crosshairs on their own necks. They understand that sooner or later this appetite of theirs for other people’s liberty and property and lives is going to come down to a test of firepower and marksmanship.

They prefer to believe (without much evidence) that as long as Obama is in the White House that the firepower is on their side. But what they understand subconsciously is that firepower and numbers can be negated by properly targeted, accurate marksmanship. This is why Diane Feinstein is always going on about 50 caliber rifles being able to shoot through limousines and aircraft — because that is where SHE lives.

Oh yes, the explanation is simple and visceral — the notion of a young deer hunter becoming a skilled killing machine targeted at THEM, well, that is something that they fear above all things. No wonder they loathe American Sniper.”

Because they also loathe YOU. – JP

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