New Year’s Eve gunfire

We warned in the last newsletter about the danger of celebratory gunfire into the air, for instance on New Year’s Eve. We are now aware of at least one injury caused by a falling bullet penetrating the roof and ceiling of a local (Jackson, MS area) church, injuring a woman attending there.

We also have reports of a bullet hole in house roofs and ceilings in TN & PA with no injuries, a fatality of a Houston, TX man standing in his driveway from a falling bullet, a woman in Tampa, FL who was hit in the leg by a stray bullet while waiting for a fireworks display, a woman in Atlanta, GA hit by a bullet falling through the ceiling of her home, and a man in St. Louis, MO who was grazed by a bullet that came through his wall.

(Smart ranges don’t allow you to point your gun skyward when loaded or during reloads.)

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