B. Todd Jones for federal judge?

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We have a report that former US Attorney B. Todd Jones, 57, who is now director of the ATF, is being considered for US District Judge in Minnesota. Jones was the replacement for Kenneth Melson at the ATF, who was ousted over the Fast & Furious scandal, and Jones has done a remarkable job of continuing the cover-up of the F&F debacle.


Now B. Todd Jones and the ATF have a rule that businesses may not allow non-FFL individuals to use their equipment to manufacture (or print) or further process incomplete firearm blanks, frames and receivers (80% receivers) unless the business is licensed as a firearms manufacturer (and puts the items in its serialized system). It seems to me to be a very small step from this to prohibiting Sears from selling you a vise or drill that you use to build your gun. Auto parts and home improvement shops already have tool lending and renting available. How do they know what you’re using them for?

Gun manufacture by individuals has always been recognized as unregulatable and legal under federal law. What the BATFE appears to be attempting to do, is to deprive people who do not have the resources to purchase their own machinery, from renting the machinery and premises of others in order to work on their own privately owned projects.



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