Schools safe from imaginary ray guns & dead rabbits

A 10-year-old fifth-grader was suspended for two days from Stacy Middle School in Milford, MA, after pointing an imaginary ray gun – his finger – and mouthing laser sounds in the school’s cafeteria.

A conduct slip, written by Assistant Principal Noah Collins, lists the offense as a threat.

The school Principal is Nancy Angelini, and the Superintendent is Robert Tremblay.

Though the school handbook explicitly lists toy weapons as items banned from school grounds, there is no clause that specifically addresses imaginary weapons.

OK administrators, since you can’t see or hear me, let me tell you I’m pointing my finger at you now and saying “pew pew.”




An Idaho biology teacher in the Nampa School District is facing possible disciplinary action after killing and skinning a rabbit in class to show students where their food comes from. Maybe they should have gotten Phil Robertson to do it and tried to discipline him. (If you haven’t seen that episode of Duck Dynasty, look it up.)

Because we all know food doesn’t come from animals….

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