National Bar Association: federal prosecution of police officers needed

The National Bar Association is calling for federal prosecution of police officers who defend themselves from felonious assaults (including gun-grabs) consistent with the law and their training on the use of lethal force.

I had never heard of this group and a bit of research reveals that it appears to be a racially segregated left wing group.

In fact, I learned that

  1. Darryl Parks, who was one of the attorneys representing Trayvon Martin’s family, was recently president of the NBA. His law partner is Crump. Crump’s father John was exec director of NBA for 25+ yrs.
  2. Means is currently president and very close to Parks and Crump and stands to gain $$ from any civil suits.
  3. Crump is president-elect and used Martin’s death to jump in, and instead of spending several years like other leaders, moving up the ranks, and move from member at large, to VP, to President elect in 3 yrs.
  4. The NBA only has about 2,200 paying members and is essentially broke, surviving on corporate donations. The “representing 60,000” claim is like the NRA says it represents all gun owners vs the 5M who actually pay dues. Probably why we’ve never heard of them.
  5. Sunny Hostin, who is seen fanning the flames in the Zimmerman and Wilson cases on CNN as a claimed legal analyst, is an NBA member and close to Parks and Crump. But there’s apparently no conflict of interest. Right.
  6. Al Sharpton is part of the shakedown with the NBA. He gets a cut of whatever fees get earned as a “consultant” and the NBA gets a referral.

FYI, the most recent FBI “Law Enforcement Officers Killed and Assaulted” (LEOKA) report indicates that 80.2% of the assaults against law enforcement in 2012 were committed by unarmed subjects. The 2012 LEOKA report also reveals that unarmed subject attacks are the leading cause of injury for law enforcement officers. About 900 people (not just officers) are killed annually with hands and feet, which is more than the number killed with rifles.

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