Hillary illegally stonewalling documents release

You’re familiar with the Department of Justice’s stonewalling Congress over release of subpoenaed documents related to ATF’s criminal Fast & Furious gunrunning operation, to the extent that US Attorney General Eric Holder was found in civil and criminal contempt.

Now the US Department of State has failed to turn over government documents covering Hillary Clinton’s tenure as Secretary of State that The Associated Press and others requested under the US Freedom of Information Act, including one request AP made four years ago and others pending for more than one year.

The State Department denied the AP’s requests and rejected the AP’s subsequent appeals to release the records sought quickly under a provision in the law reserved for journalists requesting federal records about especially newsworthy topics (like Hillary running for President).

This week the conservative political advocacy group Citizens United sued the State Department for failing to disclose some of the requested records. Citizens United said the department was unlawfully withholding the records it sought nearly five months ago.

This is important to us here because the State Department (which regulates exports), and therefore Hillary, is most likely complicit in the illegal trafficking of weapons from the US to Mexican drug cartels by the ATF/Justice Department.

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