Chanute school boy suspended over empty rifle shell casing!

A student at Chanute (KS) Elementary School was suspended for five days over possession of an empty rifle shell casing on school grounds. That’s an inert hollow piece of brass, not unlike an empty metallic ball point pen body.

The boy’s mother was told by Principal Gary Wheeler that the incident could lead to a 168-day suspension, but they could possibly reduce it to five days if he spoke to Superintendent James Hardy. Apparently Wheeler also told the boy that the shell casing was “harmful” and that he would be suspended. If he really said that, he’s both an idiot and a liar.

The school’s no weapons policy requires a 186-day expulsion for possession of any firearm or ammunition for any firearm. Neosho County Attorney Linus Thuston said he does not consider spent shell casings to be ammunition, legally. Well, duh.

Assistant Superintendent Diane Watkins said via email, “Student and staff safety is of the utmost importance in our district. The consequences for violating policy are found in our Board Policy Manual. USD 413 follows these policies to ensure that every effort is made to provide a safe place to learn and work. It would not be appropriate to comment on an individual student.”

But is is appropriate to comment on an individual superintendent, who is also an idiot. Shouldn’t there be a sanity test for public school administrators?

Again, that’s Principal Gary Wheeler, Superintendent James Hardy, and Assistant Superintendent Diane Watkins.

I’m sorry, but if you act like a dadgum fool, I’m gonna call you one. Here’s your sign.

Clarification: I’m not sorry for calling you one. I’m sorry you are one. And I’m really sorry for the folks who have to deal with you.

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