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They're not after your guns, they are after you!

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GRPC Live Stream This weekend’s entire 34th annual SAF Gun Rights Policy Conference in Phoenix, AZ will be live streamed on their official Facebook page. Why Facebook, I can’t answer. Gun confiscation I noticed recently that today in Christian churches in the US, folks are discussing, in church, the proposals by some of our evil socialist politicians to come and …

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Government can't even stop a telemarketer

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Action item. StopTrumpGunControl.com: Oppose Pres. Trump’s Plan to Enact New Gun Control Litigation First person charged for violating unconstitutional bump stock ban. Of course out of the thousands of “criminals” out there, the government picked a prohibited schizophrenic person to make their case. Bad cases make bad law. ………. NRA sues San Francisco over “terrorist” allegation. But not based on …

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Stop Arson: Ban Semiautomatic Matches

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Action item Congressman Steven Palazzo’s (R-MS) “yes or no” survey on gun control. Litigation A three-judge panel of the Fourth US Court of Appeals ruled last week that survivors and family members of victims from the 2015 mass shooting at Mother Emanuel AME Church in Charleston, SC, can sue the federal government after the national background check system failed to …

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The Racism of Gun Control Fast & Furious update History lesson In 1777, Congress ordered 100 examples of Joseph Belton’s new form of flintlock musket that was claimed to be capable of firing as many as sixteen consecutive shots in as little as twenty seconds. In 1789, the Second Amendment to the US Constitution was proposed, and it was ratified …

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ban sober drivers

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Knife Day Tomorrow (Saturday, 8/24) is National Knife Day. Cut something. Election Gun rights champion and MS Commissioner of Agriculture Andy Gipson has endorsed Tate Reeves for Mississippi governor in the Republican Primary.  The runoff is Tuesday. Philly & Dayton follow-ups So it turns out that guy who was barricaded in and shooting up cops in Philadelphia, PA, has been …

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Fakebook removal message

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Action item Tell US Senators & Reps to oppose new gun control Election If you don’t think Democrat MS gubernatorial candidate Jim Hood is on the left, think again. Outdoor writer Jack Ballard has launched a campaign for the Democratic nomination for a US Senate seat in Montana. But in a Gun Talk interview with Tom Gresham, Ballard went full-Fudd …

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Guy buyback for dummies

Massacres & Responses, NRA

California massacre update, correction The killer who opened fire with an AK-style semiautomatic rifle at that Garlic festival in Gilroy, California killed himself after officers shot him multiple times, officials said, correcting previous police accounts that the officers fired the fatal shot. Three police officers responded in less than a minute and fired multiple rounds and hit the perpetrator multiple …

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Housekeeping & reminder Hi folks; my apologies for the missed newsletter last week. We had a hardware failure that kept me offline for several days. I have included herein last week’s content I was compiling, along with this week’s. The reminder is that unless otherwise disclosed, I don’t make a cent or receive any free or discounted goods or services …

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