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Jeff Pittman
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MS election The NRA-PVF grades are out for the November 5 election. Check your magazine or go here. Litigation The US Supreme Court has requested that the Maryland Attorney General’s Office respond to the Second Amendment challenge (Brian Kirk Malpasso et al. v. William M. Pallozzi, Superintendent, Maryland Department of State Police, No. 19-423) brought by the Maryland State Rifle …

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NRA Article on NRA debacle and the man behind the movement to save it. Ackerman McQueen’s court-filed answer and counterclaim to NRA & Wayne LaPierre. 55 pages. MS election (Nov. 5) Mississippi gubernatorial candidate and Attorney General Jim Hood (D) said during a debate that he supports state-mandated “universal” background checks (which require gun registration), talked about closing the fictitious …

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Litigation FPC Supreme Court Brief: Non-Violent Felons Have Second Amendment Rights. They’re right. The US Supreme Court issued an order this week denying New York City’s 11th-hour attempt to have the NYSRPA v. City of New York case dismissed as moot. This is the case challenging NYC’s law which essentially prohibited most transport (not “carry”) of legal, locked, unloaded guns …

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They're not after your guns, they are after you!

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GRPC Live Stream This weekend’s entire 34th annual SAF Gun Rights Policy Conference in Phoenix, AZ will be live streamed on their official Facebook page. Why Facebook, I can’t answer. Gun confiscation I noticed recently that today in Christian churches in the US, folks are discussing, in church, the proposals by some of our evil socialist politicians to come and …

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Action item Tell US Senators & Reps to oppose new gun control Election If you don’t think Democrat MS gubernatorial candidate Jim Hood is on the left, think again. Outdoor writer Jack Ballard has launched a campaign for the Democratic nomination for a US Senate seat in Montana. But in a Gun Talk interview with Tom Gresham, Ballard went full-Fudd …

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California massacre update, correction The killer who opened fire with an AK-style semiautomatic rifle at that Garlic festival in Gilroy, California killed himself after officers shot him multiple times, officials said, correcting previous police accounts that the officers fired the fatal shot. Three police officers responded in less than a minute and fired multiple rounds and hit the perpetrator multiple …

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Mississippi Capitol

Hinds County MS Election Alert

George Soros has reportedly contributed $500,000 to a PAC supporting Jody Owens (D) for Hinds County District Attorney. The Mississippi Justice & Public Safety PAC has spent at least $205,191 on that race. Owens’ history includes working for the Southern Poverty Law Center hate group. Just FYI.

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July 19, 2019 Newsletter by Jeff Pittman MS Election The NRA-PVF has endorsed A-rated Sen. Michael Watson (R-Pascagoula) for Mississippi secretary of state in the 2019 primary election, based on his record in the state senate of voting consistently on behalf of law-abiding gun owners. He has supported a number of bills that protect the right of personal self-defense, a …

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