Jeff Pittman

Jeff Pittman

News from Ferguson & St. Louis

Ferguson Ayoob’s write-up. There are 5 parts. Looks like the feds are joining up with the crooks to protect the rioters from their victims in Ferguson And why cops sometimes justifiably shoot unarmed criminals (also see part 5 of Ayoob’s report, above) Read it again, and consider whether the races of the cop and crook matter.   St. Louis A …

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Bonzer Wolf

Farewell Mr. Wolf

Internet friend, blogger and info source Bonzer Wolf ( has announced his retirement from blogging effective 12/31. Sorry to see you go Mr. Wolf, but trust me, I understand.

Oh, HECK NO, Ms. Harris

California Attorney General Kamala Harris had sought a stay of Judge Anthony Ishii’s decision in Sylvester v. Harris. That was the case that challenged California’s 10-day waiting period as it applied to certain individuals. Her argument in a nutshell was “Hey, this is gonna cost us money and we need to hire some folks to comply; I don’t see how …

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F&F case update

In a bizarre decision in former ATF Agent/whistleblower Jay Dobyns’ retaliation case, Judge Frances M. Allegra, has voided his own decision in favor of Dobyns. That decision denounced the ATF, and it appealed to the Federal Court of Appeals. The appeal and a cross-appeal are still in process. In addition, Judge Allegra sealed all records concerning the case. No explanation …

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ISIS warning

We warned weeks ago about ISIS terrorists using social media (Facebook, twitter, etc.) to identify and target the families of US service members and LEOs. But apparently most of those public servants have not taken heed and keep right on posting pictures and identifying information online in public places, putting their loved ones at risk. In fact, DoD, USA, USAF, …

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