Jeff Pittman

Jeff Pittman

F&F case update

In a bizarre decision in former ATF Agent/whistleblower Jay Dobyns’ retaliation case, Judge Frances M. Allegra, has voided his own decision in favor of Dobyns. That decision denounced the ATF, and it appealed to the Federal Court of Appeals. The appeal and a cross-appeal are still in process. In addition, Judge Allegra sealed all records concerning the case. No explanation …

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ISIS warning

We warned weeks ago about ISIS terrorists using social media (Facebook, twitter, etc.) to identify and target the families of US service members and LEOs. But apparently most of those public servants have not taken heed and keep right on posting pictures and identifying information online in public places, putting their loved ones at risk. In fact, DoD, USA, USAF, …

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Trivia question: What famous country music star . . .

What famous country music star was first discovered by Texas Ranger and NRA board member Joaquin Jackson? Hints: Jackson arrested him and heard him singing in jail. Another outlaw country singer memorialized the crime in a song. Update: Give up? Here’s the answer.

Product highlights for Nov. 21, 2014

Chiappa has its Little Badger, a folding single shot skeletonized survival style rifle, in .22 LR, .22 Magnum, and of all things, 9mm Flobert. But Bud’s Gun Shop has a version in .17 HMR. Folds to as little as 16.5″ and weighs about 3 lbs. IWI has introduced the next generation Galil, the Galil ACE 32, a full-sized model of …

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Chinese knives & in praise of pocketknives

About Chinese knives Why the Next Hot EDC Knife Could be Chinese A.G Russell Knives: Why we make knives in China In praise of pocketknives The Outdoor Wire: In Praise of Pocketknives Note that his generation ain’t the ones shooting up schools and robbing banks.