Jeff Pittman

Jeff Pittman

How gun control works in the UK

According to, one in five crimes in the UK is not recorded by police. Nearly a million offenses a year are ignored by politically-correct officers. And so it goes in gun control utopia. First, you disarm civilians in the name of public safety. Then you claim (lie) that it worked, even though it didn’t. Because the general public must …

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Humane Society of the United States is NOT your local animal shelter

In fact the 2013 numbers are in, and in addition to leading the effort to ban traditional ammunition so that it can ultimately outlaw hunting, HSUS only contributed 1% of its $120 million budget toward supporting pet shelters last year. Details:

Demanding Mommies

We have a story reported from a North Carolina Walmart which involved the theft of an AR-15 and 150 rounds of ammunition from a locked case on the Tuesday before Thanksgiving. The thief purportedly shoved the rifle down his pants and just walked out. The crook was arrested on Thursday as he went back to the same Walmart. According to …

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National Bar Association: federal prosecution of police officers needed

The National Bar Association is calling for federal prosecution of police officers who defend themselves from felonious assaults (including gun-grabs) consistent with the law and their training on the use of lethal force. I had never heard of this group and a bit of research reveals that it appears to be a racially segregated left wing group. In fact, I …

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Molon Labe, Gerald Ensley!

Gerald Ensley, a tyrant with the Tallahassee (FL) Democrat newspaper, wants to repeal the Second Amendment and ban guns, period, saying “We’re coming for your guns. And someday, we’ll take them.” Molon Labe, Ensley. That’s Gerald Ensley: 850-599-2310 work 850-575-9394 850-575-7532 2406 Mexia Ave. Tallahassee, Fl 32304-1321 No illegal threats, please.

Bad cops; Bad athletes

Bad cops An unidentified off-duty Chicago Police officer has been stripped of his arrest powers after he allegedly fired multiple times at an off-duty cop from neighboring Merrionette Park who pulled over the Chicago cop and showed his badge after suspecting the Chicago cop was driving drunk (with a fellow off-duty Chicago officer in the passenger seat). The 52-year-old Chicago …

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