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Jeff Pittman
Whatever it wants

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Housekeeping Hi folks; sorry for the missed 2ANewsletter last week. Due to AT&T’s abysmal communications system, both my internet and phone service unexpectedly quit for the entire week of 1/5-1/12, so I never got to send the newsletter, much less research and compile it. Parts of Mississippi closed to hunting (except waterfowl) due to flooding. The Jackson area, and probably …

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vote your way into Communism but have to shoot your way out

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Happy New Year PYTHON! This can’t wait until you get to Products at the bottom. Colt has reintroduced its famous Python revolver. Only $1500. Note that this revolver has the cosmetics of the original Python with the less costly next-generation trigger system and internals of the New Cobra series. Since it’s a “new” gun, there may be bugs in early …

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book burnings

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Hope Y’all had a Merry Christmas. Action Items Federal Appropriations Bill to Allow Anti9-Gun Research and Advocacy with Taxpayer Funds Tell AmazonSmile: Stop Outsourcing Your Dirty Work to a Problematic Organization Be sure to uncheck “send me emails.” Litigation The US Supreme Court this week declined to hear an appeal by Lehigh County, PA, prosecutors, leaving in place a state …

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For extremely slow learners

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Housekeeping There may be some interruption or delay in the 2A Newsletter for the next couple of weeks due to the holidays. Y’all have a Merry Christmas. SCOTUS declines to hear anti-CCW appeal This week the US Supreme Court declined to review a Pennsylvania Supreme Court (PSC) decision throwing out its case against a man stopped by Allentown police after …

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Christmas is coming. Buy more guns!

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Litigation (Click or tap to expand image) SCOTUS heard oral arguments this week in the NYSRPA vs. City of NY case regarding NY’s law prohibiting most transport (not carry) of guns outside of the home. Argument preview: Justices take up battle over New York City gun ban – and the scope of the Second Amendment? [SCOTUSblog] Argument analysis: Justices focus …

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Housekeeping There will probably be no 2A Newsletter next week due to the Thanksgiving holiday.  Y’all enjoy and give thanks. University of Virginia update Last week we posted an item about the University of Virginia, which cited fears of “gun violence,” to explain ceasing a 21-gun salute to veterans that’s been a part of the university’s Veterans Day celebrations for …

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Secret Service guns

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Election in Virginia In Virginia, scandal-laden Gov. Ralph Northam (D) has announced he will sign all gun control bills sent to him by the General Assembly, control of which was taken by the Democrats in this month’s election. All that remains to stop them are the court system, or anarchy. FWIW, Virginia is also where Democrat Joe Morrissey, who has …

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Veterans' Day

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Monday is Veterans Day. Thank you, veterans. MS election Mississippi Republicans won 8 of 8 statewide offices, have majorities in Legislature, Transportation Commission and Public Service Commission. First Republican attorney general since Reconstruction. Republican supermajorities remain in the Legislature, with 3 seats added in the Senate and 1 lost in the House. The Democrats now control nothing in state government, …

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